Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight (今晚打丧尸) Movie Review

Zombiology Enjoy Yourself Tonight Movie Poster

Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight (今晚打丧尸) Movie Review | by

Recommended Audience: Fans of Michael Ning 白只, Louis Cheung 张继聪, Cherry Ngan 颜卓灵, Venus Wong 王敏奕, Carrie Ng 吴家丽, Alex Man 万梓良 and comedy/zombie movie fans

Zombiology Enjoy Yourself Tonight Movie Poster

Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight (今晚打丧尸) Movie Synopsis

Lone (Michael Ning) and Yeung (Louis Cheung) are two eccentric hot-blooded young men leading a devil-may-care life. They deem themselves heroes who can save the earth. However, Lone can do nothing about things in life that don’t work out as he wishes.

A monster from Lone’s favourite animation appears in the city out of reason and turns people into zombies. The outbreak of this zombie crisis is followed by widespread chaos. Yit (Cherry Ngan), a girl Chi-Yeung is fervently chasing, has gone missing as well. Lone risks his life and breaks into the infected town in order to bring her back home. He comes to realise that he is merely a loser and slick talker. However, Lone decides not to avoid his true self, and resolves to fight a battle against zombies tonight!

Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight (今晚打丧尸) Viewer Rating: 2/5 **

Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight (今晚打丧尸) Movie Review:

Peps Goh: The first thought that came to my mind as the end credits started rolling was, “Wow, that was the most visually-appealing cinematic garbage I’ve ever seen.” For me, I was contemplating halfway whether to call it a day and just not continue watching. I will probably have done that if not for wanting to review this proper.

Peps Goh: If I had to judge it as a single complete narrative, I’ll have to fail it 0/5 no questions. The plot was struggling to include much too many ideas, and ended up an incoherent mess of well-done scenes that would otherwise be decent if they were standalone short films. I imagine that perhaps the members of the creative team wanted to make a dozen movies, all of differing genres. And the argument, unresolved, led to an ambitious attempt to make a comedy-tragedy-coming-of-age-romance-motivational-supernatural-horror-thriller-zombie-action-surrealism-hero-adventure-anime.
Zombiology Movie StillPeps Goh: Zombiology probably deserves a 3.5/5 for a production studio showreel. The separate acts when looked at by themselves are well executed, and manages to invoke the intended emotional reactions on cue be it cringy-laughter, awkward pity, uncomfortable sorrow or tawdry self-aware motivation. And while the characters are all across the board deeply unlikable, they all possess complex character flaws and sophistication, hence bestowing the potential to be relatable.

Tiffany Yong: While it started off pretty much as a joke (pun intended), I mean an old-school animation with a chicken as the antagonist/ villian, the play of unrequited love and forgiveness between family members were well-done enough to draw tears to my eyes. The veteran actors Alex Man and Carrie Ng were able to touch with their performance, but sadly, the film did not deserve them.
Zombiology AnimationPeps Goh: Props to the animation studio however, that was some commendable work. It is not the first time a film has tried to combine animation with live-action, but this is the first time I felt ridiculed when the characters from the animation actually came to live. And yes, by this, I meant that cuboid chicken that turns people into zombies with his eyes and uses eggs as bombs to kill human. Oh yes, they turn into fried sunny-side-ups when detonated.

Peps Goh: Apart from that, I frankly feel deeply offended walking out the theatre, akin to what one might feel walking out of a restaurant that served you a can of button mushroom and a packet of uncooked vermicelli both unopened. And they proceed to hand you a broken pot and can-opener (not even a single cutlery), when you actually ordered truffle shiitake aglio-olio from the menu (menu that is actually misspelled words written by an orange whiteboard marker on a roll of possibly-used toilet paper).

Tiffany Yong: All in all, I felt that it was a pity that the cast (some of them were brilliant-good), had to be in a film which makes the audience wonder, “so why did I pay to watch this again?”

Do You Know?

Cherry Ngan Michael NingCherry Ngan (23) and Michael Ning (37) are dating when they accepted the roles. However, their characters did not have any romantic relationship in the film.

Zombiology Alex ManThis is Alex Man’s (万梓良) first movie after a long time. He gained weight due to diabetes and stopped acting for a long time. When asked how long did he take to consider the role, he said he took the time to go toilet twice.

Behind The Scenes and Interviews

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Zombiology: Enjoy Yourself Tonight (今晚打丧尸) is out in cinemas on 29 June 2017.

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  2. Hey Sharonoox

    First time hearing this! It looks like a fun movie. I can’t wait to watch it.Thanks for the recommendation!

  3. Looks like they want to come up with their own mythology here. I do not like this type of film though based on your photos. Your very low rating is not encouraging at all.

  4. Haha I’m so sorry it was so terrible for you! But you saying how bad it was makes me want to watch it honestly

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