Girl of the Big House (宝贝当家) Movie Review

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Recommended Audience: Fans of Francis Ng 吴镇宇, Angela Wang 王诗龄, Miriam Yeung 杨千嬅, Yuen Qiu 元秋, Jim Chim 詹瑞文, Jozef Waite 西蒙子 and kids comedy movie fans


Girl of the Big House (宝贝当家) Movie Synopsis

Girl of the Big House follows Bowie (Angela Wang), a little girl born with a silver spoon to parents, Neil (Francis Ng) and Nina (Miriam Yeung). She is kidnapped by her uncle, Dave (also Francis Ng) who wishes to retrieve the Van Gogh’s masterpiece which is a family heirloom. Girl of the big House Angela WangWith the help of her nanny and friends, Bowie fights against them and ultimately brought Dave and his accomplices to justice. Bowie reunites with her parents and found herself precious friendships…

Girl of the Big House (宝贝当家) Viewer Rating: 2/5 **

Girl of the Big House (宝贝当家) Movie Review:

Home alone China (or Hong Kong) anyone? It’s been 26 years since Home Alone was first released in 1990 and the series had been accompanied so many people around the world through their many Christmases. The first impression I had of the Chinese “Girl of the Big House” was that it was the Chinese-barbie/princess version of the classic American comedy.
Girl of The House Bad GuysBut then I realised there were much more movie references. With the must-have stupid burglars whom we know would be in serious trouble even before they try anything funny, there’s alpha version of Cruella de Vil (101 Dalmatians), the Made-in-China Baymax called Big Willie and even game references Fruit Ninja. Just that they were way less funny.

Girl of the house Angela WangBowie (Angela Wang) was the “Kevin McCallister” left in the care of the caretaker while her parents were flying around the world working. While she’s chubby cute, you can’t help but notice the obvious fact that she’s being forced to recite lines (with loads of close-ups) and poked to real tears (method acting) when it comes to touching moments.

Girl of the House KidsThe rest of the kids were slightly better, but still incomparable to the little actors from Miriam Yeung’s Little Big Master and of course, the two notable ‘Home Alone’ kids – young Macaulay Culkin (Kevin McCallister) and Alex D. Linz (Alex Pruitt). Perhaps I should say, the tricks that they had to play on the thieves were too lousy even when compared with a film from 20 years back.

Girl of the House Francis NgFrancis Ng – the industry well-known’s double face man (often take up stern and serious roles, but really childish and funny in person) did what he do best by being Bowie’s loving dad and twin badass uncle. I was hoping for more scenes of him with Miriam Yeung, but sadly, there weren’t much except webcam videos.

Girl of the big house aka home aloneThe castle where the filming took place was perhaps the highlight of the film. It was amusing to watch how the kidnap and theft carefully took place without damaging any frames or wine bottles (Maybe I’m too used to violence). This film would definitely suit the festive Christmas season rather than now. While I’m against the promoting of over-pampering and over-indulgence (the number of toys she had) in kids, this still instil some positive values (team work, overcoming problems through wit). Prolly a favourite amongst kids!

Do You Know?

Girl in the big house Miriam Yeung Francis NgThis is the first time Francis Ng and Miriam Yeung acted as a couple in a film. But they had little scenes together and filmed most of the scenes separately.

Daddy Where Are We Going Francis Ng Angela WangFrancis Ng said that he took up the role because he is a fan of Angela Wang. Angela and her dad (Director Wang Yuelun) were the participants for the first season of “Daddy Where Are We Going China” (爸爸去哪儿) while Francis Ng and his son Feynman were the participants for the second season.

Behind The Scenes and Interviews

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Girl of the Big House (宝贝当家) is out in cinemas on 4 August 2016.

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17 thoughts on “Girl of the Big House (宝贝当家) Movie Review”

  1. It seems like a great movie to watch with kids. It can be a stress reliever in the middle of a busy week. The kid looks so cute!

  2. This is one of the very few review movies you have done involving a form of comedy. Pampering of wealthy kids can go wrong later in the future for the child, it all boils to creating a balance to ensure both are not suffering.

  3. This film promises to be a hilarious one. The little girl in a panda suit is uber cute. Now I want a suit for myself! Am not too keen on Korean films, only because I do not enjoy reading the subs while watching, which I must since I do not understand Korean. But K dramas and films sure have the most interesting plots and equally colorful characters! No wonder they are such a hit with Filipinos! ^_^

  4. Your photos and even that poster makes it look like a corny comedy. I do not think I will ever want this type of film myself. Your final rating justifies my fear about this movie. – Fred

  5. ive never been a big fan of hk movies. even this one doesn’t appeal to me. i think its probably the style i don’t like and the different humour

  6. Sounds like the kind of movie you can enjoy with the kids. I’m sure there are lessons for the kids to learn as well, aside from the fun filled scenes.

  7. This movie seems like a film I would watch with my family and friends because it seems entertaining. The child remind me of the child host Ryzza (her show is”The Ryzza Mae Show”). They both look cute.

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