Buddy Cops 2016 (刑警兄弟) Movie Review

Buddy Cops (刑警兄弟) Movie Review | by

Recommended Audience: Fans of Eric Tsang 曾志偉, Bosco Wong 黄宗泽, King Kong 金刚, Kate Tsui 徐子珊, Charmaine Fong 方皓玟, Jordan Chan 陳小春 and Crime-Comedy movie fans

Buddy Cops 2016

Buddy Cops (刑警兄弟) Movie Synopsis

Buddy Cops Bosco Wong and King KongFei and Johnny are two rookie cops, raised in single-parent families. They are constantly bickering and can’t stand the presence of each other. Not only are they loggerheads at work, their lives further intertwined when each of their parent fell crazily in love and got married! Soon, the “brothers” are assigned to investigate a murder case that leads them to a big conspiracy, where hilarious happenings await.

Buddy Cops (刑警兄弟) Viewer Rating: 3/5 ***

Buddy Cops (刑警兄弟) Movie Review:

I’ve missed the premiere for this film as I was in Bangkok, hence decided to catch it with my friend when I’m back. Knowing that it is a Hong Kong comedy, I had set low expectation for the film, watching the film just to support Bosco Wong. In many ways, this film surprised me with their characters.
Bosco Wong King Kong Buddy CopsWith two completely opposite personalities, rash versus timid, flirtatious versus reserved, Fei (Bosco) and Johnny (King Kong) were the most unmatched buddy-cop pair possible, which created absurd chemistry of course. While Bosco was an unpopular person (for once), King Kong surprised me with his new mummy boy character. Different from his past gangster and crude outlook, he was so soft-spoken that I couldn’t help but be impressed.

Kate Tsui King Kong Buddy CopsGetting an ugly look seems to be a stage every pretty actress have to go through at some point of time, Kate Tsui’s petite princess wasn’t THAT ugly enough to be turning off everyone. While I would have to ask her to work more on making her role more ugly, I like her positive outlook to her demise. That’s definitely something many people can learn from!

Bosco Wong Charmaine Fong Buddy CopsCharmaine Tsui as Fei’s psychotic ex was good in her own (terrorizing) way, but I simply don’t see why Fei would be attracted to such a person from the start. Do you mean a one-night stand is enough to rope him into a relationship? While she was possessive and weird, both of them had little chemistry as a couple.

Buddy CopsIf you are a fan of Hong Kong dramas, this will be a light-hearted and nonsensical film for you to catch with all the familiar actors coming together to amuse you with adult jokes. Catch it to laugh it off. 🙂

Do You Know?

Eric Tsang with Bosco WongThis movie produced by Eric Tsang was completed in 2012 and is only released recently in 2016.

Kate Tsui Buddy CopsKate Tsui was 2004’s Miss Hong Kong champion and this was her first time taking up an “ugly” buck-tooth and unfashionable role.

Bosco femaleDuring the credits, Bosco appeared wearing long hair wigs and acting as Japanese AV girls. According to him, there were many outfits, such as nurse, air-stewardess, female police etc.

Behind The Scenes and Interviews

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Buddy Cops (刑警兄弟) is out in cinemas on 21 April 2016.

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22 thoughts on “Buddy Cops 2016 (刑警兄弟) Movie Review”

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  3. Kate Tsui looks adorable even when she has an ugly tooth in this movie. I love how her image has transformed! This seems like a humorous one. 🙂

  4. Hahaha, i really like the trailer its really funny, i will surely watch this, i am really liking asian movies , been watching some korean movies on youtube lately. It like the story of ride along, only the other guy marry the sister of his buddy

  5. Not familiar with the cast of this movie, but it looks fun. I’m a sucker for action-comedy films rather than chick flicks. I hope they dub it in English though, not sure if I can get to see it here in Manila anytime soon.

  6. Sounds like a fun and entertaining movie. Great review and you’ve got great pictures too. Reminds me of the American movie “Bad Boys” starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence. I saw a preview of Buddy Cops on Youtube and it really looks like a fun movie.

  7. Based on the photos you posted, I do not think I will like this type of film. Odd that even there is a good number of Chinese in our population, they do not show Chinese films in theaters anymore like before.

  8. sounds like a typical HK cop-comedy kind of movie? sad to say the cast and plot doesn’t entice me at all. will definitely be giving this movie a miss.

  9. I really enjoy this type of movie. I love action comedy films. Plus HK film studios are really good making these kind of films.

  10. I’ve always been a fan of love-and-hate action comedies concerning friends and would-be brothers. This looks like an excellent flick! Thanks for posting a preview as well.

  11. I watched the trailer and it does look funny! I love how each character can hold his own, especially impressive is how the leads played roles not usually given to them

  12. Sounds like an ok movie. I’ve never heard of any of the actors before now though, but I love buddy cop type movies, so would love to see this if it is dubbed in English.

  13. Looks like this is a fun and funny movie. I really enjoyed reading your movie reviews because I don’t get to watch these movies here in our country. It keeps me updated on the entertainment scene around Asia. 🙂

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