4 Dining Options For Christmas 2015

Christmas 2015 Dining Options

Hotel Buffets or Restaurants Set Meals? This is an annual problem everyone have and this year, I had the privilege to sample the some of the Christmas meals below, hence recommending to you!

1. Fish & Co

Recommended for: 2-4 | Friends, Couples
In the past, I hardly frequent Fish & Co. as their serving for one is usually too big for me. However, for the past 2 months, as Eden is on a low carb diet for his Adidas shoot, we ended up visiting Fish & Co 2-3 times a week! With compliments from The Good Folks, both of us received an invitation to bring our family and friends to enjoy a “wreath of seafood” from Fish & Co.
Fish & Co Christmas DinnerThe Christmas Platter (SGD$59.95) is good for slightly more than 2 person! The succulent catch blend tastefully with chilli cream mushroom sauce with beef bacon, chicken chorizo and assorted vegetables. What’s more, besides two drinks: Jazz-Me-Up (Recommended) and Blue Dream, there’s a dessert Hot Fudge cake to go with too! My favourite part of the dish is the juicy fat scallop that I can’t stop having.

Fish & Co MealWe were also provided two other popular dishes which happened to be Eden’s favourite dish on the menu (Grilled White Fish with Ebiko) and mine (Spicy Prawn and Clam Aglio Olio). These two dishes were what we had when we visit Fish & Co. as a paying customer!

P.S. The lightly spiced pumpkin is delicious and healthy! Go try it!

Cost: $59.95++ | Food: Main Course, Dessert, Beverages * | Location/Convenience: ***** | Purchase: Walk-in | Ambience: | Photo-worthy Food: ✓✓

For more information: Visit Fish & Co Singapore Website | Facebook Page

2. Morganfield’s

Recommended for: 4-12 pax | Large group of friends; Company Gatherings
My date with Morganfield’s is an annual affair. Three years in a row now, and I never fail to be amazed by their Christmas offerings! Yes, they are so Christmas-y that I recommended Page Advisor to work with them to deliver the delicious platter to customers’ doorstep!
Morganfields Christmas DinnerThe Beer Candied Bacon and Basketful of Pork (Pork Trio) are still the must-have this year. What’s new this year is the Crackling Roast Pork which Michhysaurous raved about. This might sound really odd, but the grilled cauliflowers on the Morgans Christmas Feast is really yummy!

Leg of Ham SlicingAfter all the food-photography, the Chef sliced the Bourbon Marmalade Glazed Leg of Ham for us. If everyone is to have 3- 4 slices, can I say this is for like 30 – 50 pax? It’s giganormous!

Morganfields Sticky BonesMorganfield’s know what their customer like best, so back by popular demand, we had the Hazelnut Sticky Bones (SGD$29.90), Hickory BBQ Sticky Bones (SGD$29.90), and Cranberry Sticky Bones (SGD$29.90). As I was on a diet, these finger-licking good bones were the only dishes I return for more (besides beer-candied bacon!)

Takeaway and Delivery Menu: Bourbon Marmalade Glazed Leg of Ham ($168.90+)| 1kg Crackling Pork Roast ($38.90+) | Christmas Roast Chicken ($32.90+)| Morgan’s Christmas Feast ($149.90+)

Orders to be made 5 days in advance. Additional $25 chargeable for delivery per location. Valid from 15th November -28th December 2014.

Cost: $29.90-$149.90+ | Food: Main course, Dessert, Beverages | Location/Convenience: | Purchase: Online, Walk-in| Ambience: *** | Photo-worthy Food
Morganfield’s Singapore Website | Facebook Page

3. Hotel Jen Tanglin: J65

Recommended for: 2+ | Company meals, Couples

This little feast with Hotel Jen Tanglin came as a surprise. We requested for a filming place for “Our Times” (我的少女时代) scene and ended with a dinner at J65, the restaurant place at Hotel Jen Tanglin.
Christmas Buffet J65I was pretty amazed by the variety of choice, hence decided to include this as one of the must-visit for Christmas or even just a meal! Instead of having to order and try to finish everything, here at J65, you can have a bit of what you want to have. Although it was not the best time to have this when Eden’s still training and dieting for his Adidas shoot, the variety was good enough to stick to his plans.

J65 Buffet DinnerThe Seafood Dinner features a daily selection of Southeast Asian dishes that are enhanced by fresh Fin de Claire oysters, sushi and sashimi, tiger prawns, Boston lobster and Sri Lankan crab. Hot dishes include soup-baked cumin red mullet and lobster bisque, poached sweet clams, grilled sea bass and other seafood treats.

J65 Buffet Dinner 2Desserts are like the girls’ weakness. And the ice-cream simply delight both me and Norbin (though he’s a guy). Scooped and redy for eating, J65 have plenty of toppings like chocolate powder and sweet jellies for you to decorate and play with your dessert. This is great, not just for a fuss-free Christmas, but also for any special occasion!

Sunday to Wednesday Dinner from 6pm till 9.30pm is priced at SGD 58 net per person
Thursday to Saturday Dinner from 6pm till 10pm is priced at SGD 78 net per person

Cost: SGD$58-78 per pax | Food: Main course, Dessert, Beverages **** | Location/Convenience: **** | Purchase: Walk-in| Ambience: **** | Photo-worthy Food:

For more information: Visit Hotel Jen Tanglin Website | Facebook Page

4. M Hotel: Cafe 2000

Recommended for: 2+, Friends, Families
I wouldn’t be able to claim credit or boast about the M Hotel’s Cafe 2000 simply because I did not have the time to attend the food tasting, but my good friend Michhysaurous went, so here’s her review if you wish to salivate on her food-porn post.
M Hotel Christmas DinnerSimilarly, M Hotel Christmas buffet boast of fresh seafood and generous festive offerings prepared by Chef Danny Bong. Ain’t that what makes the whole buffet value for money? Now I’m envious. I might not be a fan of crabs, but salted egg yolk is kinda like my weakness.

M Hotel Christmas MealFestive International Seafood & BBQ Dinner Buffet
Friday – Saturday, 1800 – 2200
Adult: $65 (U.P $82) | Child: $33(U.P $42)
Prices are subjected to 10% Service Charge and 7% GST.

Cost: SGD$33-65 | Food: Main course, Dessert, Beverages **** | Location/Convenience: **| Purchase: Walk-in | Ambience: ***** | Photo-worthy Food
For reservations, Please call 6500 6112 or email to
For more information: Visit M Hotel Cafe 2000 Website | Facebook Page

So how did you spend your Christmas and where did you have your Christmas 2015 meal? Hope you’ve enjoyed reading the article I’ve put together for Christmas. If you ever tried any of the above recommendation, do comment below and share your experiences with me!

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13 thoughts on “4 Dining Options For Christmas 2015”

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  2. J65 and M Hotel sounds right up my alley! Being Filipino, I’m used to having a east for Christmas dinner. That said, BUFFETS are the way to go if I won’t be spending it with the family!

  3. We have Fish and Co in our country so I am familiar with their food. The others seem to be very elaborate food places. I have been to the Tanglin area and it is upscale, so that good looking food must cost a pretty penny. – Fred 🙂

  4. Aah, those are delectable dishes! Wish I could go on a food trip right now. Last Christmas, I had some Norwegian traditional dishes of sausages and pinnekjøtt. I also tried raskfisk, the smelliest fish in the world! It’s raw fish preserved in salt and water for months or years, depending on how strong you like them. 🙂 Yes, they’re entirely different from the pictures on your entry, and might not even be worth the try!

  5. Oooh, everything looks good! We have Fish & Co here but I only ate there once. I think I’m giving it a try ( again ) – that’s after seeing your post. I frequent Hotel Jen here in Manila so I’m positive that the dishes in J65 are delish.

  6. Buffet luncheons are always a great choice whenever we have a celebration especially in the holiday season. I would love to try the crabs in M Hotel’s Cafe 2000. They look so succulent!

  7. Love the second option the most! Morganfield’s is love. Or maybe I’m just a huge fan of ribs and steaks, that’s probably why. But that’s my top choice, for sure! Lol.

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