All You Need Is Love (落跑吧爱情) Movie Review

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Recommended Audience: Fans of Richie Jen 任贤齐, Shu Qi 舒淇, Ti Lung 狄龙, Lego Lee 李国毅, Lu Kung Wei 九孔 and Romance Comedy movie fans


All You Need Is Love (落跑吧爱情) Movie Synopsis

This summer, get ready for a lighthearted romance between the wealthy Chinese writer Fenfen (Shu Qi) and the modest Taiwanese B&B owner Ah Wu (Richie Jen). All You Need Is Love_Shu Qi Richie RenThe story is set in the middle of the beautiful Pescadores Islands, where Fenfen leaves her protective home in China in search of the place that inspired the song that captured the heart of her late mother. Expecting the luxurious accommodations she reserved on the Internet, Fenfen is flabbergasted to find a crummy B&B kept by passionate Awu. Feeling duped, she demands to leave the B&B the next morning, only to lose her passport and belongings in the sea in the process. Forced to stay with Awu and his daughter and father, Fenfen has to test her boundaries in all aspects and eventually finds true love in the least expected place.

All You Need Is Love (落跑吧爱情) Viewer Rating: 3.5/5 ***

All You Need Is Love (落跑吧爱情) Movie Review:

Remember the Summer Holidays (夏日的么么茶) back in 2000? 15 years later, Richie Jen (Ren) is back with another light-hearted romance comedy featuring the beautiful scenery of the Pescadores Islands (澎湖). He looked as if he didn’t age, with his sunny appearance, as he try to juggle several problems from his family (Ti Lung and Lego Lee), his hard-to-please guest – Fenfen (Shu Qi) and his comedic island-neighbours. All You Need is Love Shu QiFenfen (Shu Qi) was described as a wealthy travel blogger in most English synopsis, but after watching the film, she is a writer with an individualistic (some call it artist temper 艺术家脾气) rather than blogger – yes, so I edited the synopsis on my review.

A friend commented on the way she dressed and asked me if bloggers really dress like her. While I will say most don’t do that, I personally know 1-2 bloggers who really DO dress like her. But of course, their personality is definitely much better!
<All You Need Is Love castThe film is made of a simple cast which brings out the most of Taiwan and the Taiwanese friendly culture. As the plot is really simple and straight forward, with a pretty predictable ending, some audience might find it boring. But for me, I like how it is relatable and relevant, as there were many instances where a leaf is taken out of someone’s book. All You Need Is Love Movie StillsAudience who are familiar with Shu Qi’s acting will find it nostalgic to see her returning to her comedic (and somewhat bimbotic) image. While I’m not a fan of her coquettish (or act-cute) manner, I love how she could touched one’s heart with just a few simple lines. Tear-jerking moments aside, it is still pretty nice to be going back to basics, where one can be touched by the simplest storyline, with the company of some beautiful sing-alongs!

Do You Know?

All You Need Is Love Richie RenThis is the first film Richie Jen directed and starred in. Not only so, as a singer-songwriter himself, Richie integrated his music into the film and even sang his personal rendition of the classic song “Grandmother’s Pescadores Islands (外婆的澎湖湾)”. Grandma Pescadores IslandsThe whole story was inspired by the classic song “Grandma’s Pescadores Islands” (外婆的澎湖湾) where Richie Ren heard when he volunteered in a rural village in China. He decided to create a film which showcases the Pescadores Islands’ beautiful scenery. All You Need Is Love Ti LungThe Pescadores Bed and Breakfast (B&B) set featured in the movie was not an existing house. The houses and wooden pier was built from scratch by the team who did “Life of Pi”, and approximate RMB 20 Million was spent building it. All You Need Is Love Shu Qi 2Besides starring in the movie, Shu Qi also sang the chorus of the theme song with Richie Ren and was involved in the screen-writing. A lot of the dialogues in the movie were discussed and adapted with Shu Qi. All You Need Is Love Vivian DawsonJolin Tsai’s boyfriend, Vivian Dawson, has a cameo role in the film as Fenfen’s (Shu Qi) wealthy fiancé.

Behind The Scenes and Interviews

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All You Need Is Love (落跑吧爱情) is out in cinemas on 3 September 2015.

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15 thoughts on “All You Need Is Love (落跑吧爱情) Movie Review”

  1. I saw this movie on Delta Airlines when I took a flight. I LOVED it!!! Highly recommend for anyone who likes a clean love story.

  2. Not really my type of film, a rom com with a diva leading lady. Her outfit is not really for a sea vacation. Overdressed. – Fred

  3. Louise ღ (@louisechelle)

    The movie looks like the typical love story or chick flick but Asian version. Love their sets or shoot locations! Though I do find her character (with too many luggage) as a blogger/writer a bit exaggerated.

  4. The fictional B&B is actually not too bad, sure, it isn’t luxurious, but I like the shabby cute greek-style charm that it has. I do think that her wardrobe as a travel blogger/writer is a bit overstyled 🙂

  5. Waaaaaaaaah! It’s the actress from one of my fave movies of all time! So Close! Definitely going to see All You Need Is Love, it looks like she’s playing to totally different character from that action flick!

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