Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Review: Dining & Staying

Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Review: My Premium Experience

I had the privilege of staying in Fraser Suites Sukhumvit, together with two other blogger friends Seth and Tony (separate apartments!), which is owned by Soho Hospitality, winner of the Leading Serviced Apartment in Thailand Award at the 2011 World Travel Awards.

My 3D2N Stay at Fraser Suites Sukhumvit

2 Nights at Fraser Suites was definitely not enough for me to explore and provide a full experiential review, especially when it’s Bangkok + my first time in Bangkok + I’m travelling with two veteran food bloggers whose hearts were with the street food all the time. 😛 My time spent in the apartment was minimal, and I only have the time to breeze through the facilities of 8 year old Fraser Suites Luxury serviced apartments (open in 2007). So this is very much a walk-through of the fabulous property I stayed in!

Fraser Suites Sukhumvit One room ApartmentI stayed in the One Bedroom Deluxe [Room 2501] , a luxurious and spacious apartment which I have all to myself. This is one of those time where I wished I am a long term traveller in Bangkok, be it for business or leisure, so that I can have the time to fully utilise the facilities. The 60 sqm fully furnished serviced apartment came with a dining table, kitchen, washing machine, microwave, refrigerator and even utensils.  There is also complimentary high-speed Wi-Fi connection in the apartment. Connection is smooth when I do my work at the study table or the dining table. However, I spent most of my hours in the bedroom, and connection becomes sporadic, which I then relied on my Changi Recommendations Wifi Router! Fraser Suites Sukhumvit One room Apartment 2Here comes the highlight of my stay: the bathroom! It always make my day when I see a bathroom with a working bathtub! While I spend most of my time out of the property rather than inside, besides the bed, the bathroom (and bathtub) is the place I spend the most time in. While some will express concern over the hygiene of the bathtub, I will usually rinse the tub with hot water and salt, as well as run the two (hot and cold water) taps for a while to get rid of whatever rust or stagnant water. Also, this is also one of the few places in Bangkok which provides toothbrush in their toiletries~

Fraser Suites Sukhumvit FacilitiesThe property is well equipped with a massage parlour (The Retreat), swimming pool and gym (I did some running in my dreams as there were simply too many things to do), a meeting room if you need a conducive place to meet your clients, a children’s playroom to entertain and distract your children while you are doing any of the above!Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Swimming PoolJust beside the Charcoal Restaurant, the pool turns into a romantic poolside bar at night, an ideal place for you to bring your special one or family to. (once you’ve seen the extensive menu!)
Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Tuktuk serviceAs the service apartment is approximately 1.1 km from BTS Nana Station, Fraser Suites Sukhumvit do provide complimentary scheduled shuttle service to the Nana Station. We tried the service once, but the traffic was so bad that it would be faster if we’ve walked instead (8-10 min walk away). The property is about 33km, 45min drive from Suvarnabhumi International airport; 5minutes walk from Starbucks, 8 minutes walk from Bamrungrad Hospital, and it is surrounded by numerous pubs and bars for those who like nightlife! I won’t know which is the best or most happening pub around (you will have to check with Seth Lui) but I do know that Fraser Suites Sukhumvit houses one of the 2 award-winning restaurant and a beautiful rooftop bar! Check out the rates of the various types of rooms by clicking ->here<-!

Breakfast Buffet @ Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Charcoal

Fraser Suites Sukhumvit_Charcoal 2Breakfast Buffet is available at level 5, Charcoal Restaurant. Hidden in this modernised indian restaurant is a secret library.

Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Spice LibraryLocked within the grilled cabinets, this spice library showcases the various types of spices used in Indian cuisine. Peering between the locked grills, looking at the colourful bottles and containers, it felt as if I’m looking into some mysterious and magical apothecary. Fraser Suites Sukhumvit_CharcoalUnlike the usual international hotel breakfast, here, colourful dabbawalas (tin food containers used in Mumbai) decorated the breakfast corner, lighting up the entire area.

Fraser Suites Sukhumvit BreakfastBreakfast spread is simple and straight forward. With a small international buffet spread, basic cereals, breads, fruits, yogurts and egg station are available for those who prefer a simple fare. Fraser Suites Sukhumvit_Breakfast MealBesides that, there are more than 8 other indian dishes available for choice. I love the dhal, paratha (and crispy bacon) so much that I had the same fare for both mornings! You know, i gotta save my stomach space for other Thai street food!

Indian Food @ Charcoal Tandoor Grill & Mixology (Night)

In the evening, the Charcoal restaurant transformed into a Charcoal Tandoor Grill & Mixology indian kebab restaurant which has century-old recipes and unique cocktails which will surprise you. When the lift opens at Level 5, you will be welcome by the view of kebabs “grilling” in a hot furnace, a brilliant play of orange tiles and fans by the designer to give the illusion of fire crackling beneath the sticks of juicy meat. On the other sides, there are dabbawalas and items you might see along the streets of India. This is something you might not notice in the day, without the darkness to bring out the beauty of the furnace.
Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Charcoal RestaurantAside from the rustic yet modern setting, slow down your pace and not try to dash into the restaurant, you might hear audios from the noisy Mumbai street (especially in the washroom), transporting customers from Thailand straight to India. The sensory surprises had won not only my heart, but also the Asia Pacific Property Awards 2015 for the Interior Thailand category. Fraser Suites Sukhumvit_Charcoal 1Charcoal’s bar offers a extensive selection of wine and whiskies. With a great pool view, this is a pretty cozy place for people who wants to chill. Besides that, Charcoal Mixology serves 20 over creative cocktails to match your orders. I’m a greenhorn when it comes to cocktails or mocktails , and hate making choices (I usually stick to juices or plain water) so I love it when drink recommendations are stated beside the food menu.

Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Charcoal Drinks MenuBefore our meals, we were introduced to the cocktail menu unique to Charcoal, specially craft and selected to balance with the main dishes. Mystic Tea Pot (300 THB) is a pot of house-infused gin with Assam black tea, fresh lemon, passionfruit and honey served in a traditional brass Mumbai tea pot and Indian tea biscuits. While I got myself a mocktail [Pure Potential {200 THB)] – a combination of pineapple, lime and honey with fresh crushed Indian pomegranate, I took a few sips of Seth’s and Tony’s Mint Chutney Mojito (300 THB) and Charcoal Mojito (300 THB) to sample. If you are a drinker (like Seth… and Tony got slightly drunk), I will recommend the Mystic Tea Pot, one of their signature for the fragrance and unique-ness! Fraser Suites Sukhumvit BloggersWho I Shared The Calories With: In order to taste and sample as much specialties as I could, besides Seth ( and Tony (, we sampled the dishes with the friendly staff from Vivaldi PR too! Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Rohit SachdevManaging Director of Soho Hospitality, Rohit Sachdev shared with us how he wish to keep dining experience in his F&B outlets FUN, not just fine! I’ve seen my fair share of managers or owners who just own the restaurant without knowing much about their menu or background story, but listening to Rohit share his visions for the restaurant as well as the food makes the whole experience so much more enriching. Enough of the restaurant, let’s move it move it to the food! Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Charcoal Menu 2I was actually expecting to try some typical indian curry dishes but here in Charcoal, the dishes are inspired by North-Western Indian cuisines and classic tandoors.

The first two dishes are my favourite amongst the 6 dishes. Paneer Tikka (350 THB/4 pieces): Tandoor grilled fresh cottage cheese cubes sprinkled with mild spices, it’s chewy and firm like tofu with very slight cheese flavour. I’m not a fan of broccoli but Tandoori Malai Broccoli (350 THB/ 5 pieces) is soft, sweet and savoury altogether! The fresh broccoli are marinated in hung yogurt, cream cheese, malt vinegar and green chillies, then tandoor grilled. I love how the spices enhance the taste of the otherwise boring taste of broccoli.

The Angaar Ki Pasliyaan (700 THB / 3 pieces) aka New Zealand lamb chops as well as the Murgh Malai Kebab (420 THB/ 5 pieces) aka chicken kebabs are recommended for meat lover. I don’t usually eat lamb chops because of the pungent smell, the ones I had were slightly charred on the outside but still tender and juicy inside. According to the Chef Deepanker Khosla, the meat were soften overnight in Indian kebab marinate (red chili, cumin, malt vinegar & ginger garlic) before grilling. As for the juicy chicken, marinated with similar spices and tandoor grilled in the old Mughal way, it is kept boneless and bite-size for easy eating.

The L size Tandoori Jhinga Prawns (850 THB/3 pieces) is definitely the most impressive (in terms of look and size). I once learnt from a chef that fresh seafood should have minimal seasoning. Here, the jumbo prawns are marinated with yogurt, Indian spices, chilli, turmeric and garam masala, grilled in their shells. I thought that the flavours would be overpowering, but the flesh remains sweet and tender.Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Charcoal Deepanker Khosla The Murgh Yakhni Biryani (500 THB/5 chicken pieces | 900 THB/10 chicken pieces) uses premium basmati pilao rice, spring chicken, spices and vegetables cooked in slow heat inside a clay pot with the lid sealed with dough (see below). This claypot Biryani provides several layer of taste: (1) The fragrant basmati pilao rice, (2) after mixing the chicken chunks underneath with savoury gravy and (3) adding in the garlic flavoured spiced yogurt to get the full experience of perfumed dish.

Allahabad-born Executive Chef Deepanker Khosla, who prepared the dishes for us was chosen as the chef to cook for His Highness Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the present King and Ruler of Qatar in his personal airline, Amiri; as well as the High Commisssioners and Ambassadors of India of Sweden and Norway! With such an experienced and capable chef, you will know why I stuffed myself with the next few cuisines.
Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Charcoal Menu 1Don’t judge the dough by their appearances. If I was to return to Charcoal, these are probably the dishes I will want to have AGAIN. I had to admit, I’m a sucker when it comes to dips and chewy stuff. The Pudina Parantha (100 THB) and Turrah Naan (100 THB) were a perfect match for the creamy Dal Charcoal (200 THB). The paratha drizzled with mint was yummy enough for me to tear and nibble on the whole night. The naan with the shape of an elephant trunk, albeit a bit tough, was fun to dip with the delicious dal made up of lentils, tomatoes, ginger and garlic slow cooked overnight. Everyone on the table was amused when I tried to stop the waiter from clearing the leftovers parantha and naan (we were all bloated!). The crispy thin Papad Roasted was a fun dish to have as starter, as you can try the traffic light-colour dips and be surprised by the flavours! Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Charcoal DessertI didn’t know that Indian families have a thing for sweet stuff, because their desserts were almost diabetic-sweet!

Shedh E Jaam (150 THB) is a bite size reduced milk dumplings stuffed with pistachio and cardamon then deep-fried and doused in light honey syrup. A popular old-school favourite amongst the Indian families, but I will advise to go for just a nibble.

Phirni (200 THB) is probably closer to our Chinese milk curd dessert. Made from milk and ground basmati rice, flavoured with cardamon and topped with pistachios and almonds, the smooth curd is an interesting contrast with the nut nibbles.

We ended the meal with this fragrant Paan (100 THB) directly imported from Greater Kailash, New Delhi. It’s a wrap of betel leaf with numerous other ingredients like glazed cherries saunf, gulkhand and elaichi Dana. We are supposed to keep chewing (it helps with digestion) and the mixture gave a nice aroma with an interesting and distinct sweet taste in the mouth.

P.S. My review for Charcoal Tandoor Grill & Mixology can also be found on! Also, check out Seth’s review and Tony’s review!

Restaurant: Charcoal Tandoor Grill & Mixology
Hours: 6:00 pm till 12 midnight daily (last order at 11pm)
Phone: +66 83 542 1111
For more information about Charcoal Tandoor Grill & Mixology, check out their official website and Facebook Page.

Peruvian Food @ Above Eleven Rooftop Bar & Restaurant

On an extended building next to Fraser Suites (the lift to Above Eleven is different from the one serving the hotel guests), Above Eleven, is a Rooftop Bar located on the 33rd and 34th floor of the Fraser Suites, overlooking Sukhumvit’s Soi 11.

Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Above ElevenI am always proud of Singapore for its multi-cultural and multi-ethnic food heritage, and thought I would have most probably hear about most types of food. Lo and behold, I was surprised to be introduced a new (but familiar) type of food – Peruvian Cuisine! Yes, Above Eleven is not JUST a rooftop bar for chill-out, it is also the first-Peruvian Japanese restaurant in South East Asia and the only one in Bangkok. Open in 2012, the Central Park-inspired concept won the 2014 Bangkok’s Best Restaurant Awards!  We tasted more than 10 dishes and it wasn’t easy picking out my favourites as the Peruvian cuisine has culinary influences from countries like Spain, Africa, Japan and China (So Singapore, So Fusion!). Above Eleven Restaurant focuses on Nikkei Cuisine – a fusion of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine which existed for more than 120 years. Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Above Eleven Recommended Menu 1After several rounds of tough and torturous recollection of the dishes (while blogging), I finally settled for the food that I will recommend for not just proper meals but also chill-out bites! Perhaps it’s my love for Japanese sashimi, my top 3 choices are the Tiradito Tuna Nikkei (380 THB), Salmon Carpaccio with Ponsu Sauce and the Tuna Tartare (350 THB).  Covered with the delicious Peruvian sauces, we tasted tuna in sesame oil and a (yellow) sauce called the Aji Amarillo Leche de Tigre which means chilli + tiger’s milk (Not REAL tiger’s milk but a marinate of lime juice, sliced onion, chilies, salt, pepper and natural fish juices. My eyes lit up almost immediately when I tasted the sauce which was slightly spicy, savoury and tangy all at the same time.

Singaporeans will most probably love the citrus Ponzu sauce (commonly used in Japanese cuisine) from the Salmon Carpaccio. Eaten together with the fragrant fried garlic, the rolled raw salmon slices slightly cooked on the outside gave a different but familiar taste which will make you (or for me at least) go back for more. Tuna Tartare (Chef’s Recommendation!) reminded me of the spicy tuna sushi I love to have whenever I’m at a Japanese restaurant. Served with wonton crisps, the raw tuna cubes are mixed with coriander, sesame oil and red chilli-wasabi dressing!

If you don’t like sashimi, you can go for the Causa Kani (370 THB) which is made up of mashed potato, crab meat in togarashi mayo, avocado and topped with a half quail egg and drizzled in spicy and creamy Huancaína Sauce.

Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Above Eleven Omar Frank MaruyExecutive Chef Omar Frank Maruy, who is born and raised in Lima, Peru also shared with us one of Above Eleven’s signature dish: Cebiche Above Eleven (470 THB), which is just like what chilli crab is to Singapore, a “National Peruvian Dish”. Slightly similar to Tiradito Nikkei, where the main component (gravy) is also Red Chili Leche De Tigre, the Cebiche (or Ceviche) is a combination of seabass and prawns cured in citrus juices as well as deep fried calamari and sweet potatoes to compliment its flavours. Snow Fish Anticucho (750 THB) means Peruvian way of grilling snow fish. Here, it is topped with yuca-bacon mash, olive mayo and cherry tomato salsa for taste. The low-calorie fish is filled with omega-3 fatty acids, definitely a healthy recommendation for the health-conscious! Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Above Eleven Recommended Menu 2Another popular dish is the Anticucho Beef Heart (250 THB) which I did not try as I don’t take beef. I love the bright coloured peruvian sauces though namelyaji amarillo, red chili criolla (salsa) and chimichurri (parsley garlic) sauce. The Lomo Saltado (800 THB) looked and felt home cooked food, a bowl of rice with hearty serving of sautéed AUS beef tenderloin, onions, tomatoes, aji amarillo, cilantro & potato wedges.

Non-beef eater can opt for either Arroz Con Pato (450 THB) or Seco de Cordero (950 THB). It was a tough decision to pick which is a nicer dish, as I love both the fragrant coriander fried rice in Huancaína Sauce (Arroz Con Pato) and the soft baked white bean rice which is some-sort of comfort food for me when I ate it with the lamb shank gravy (Seco de Cordero) – which reminded me of Chinese food. Both the duck leg confit and the lamb shank were equally tender and delicious, so I can only leave the choice to you.
Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Above Eleven DessertsFor dessert, we had Traditional Crème Caramel (200 THB) and Tortas Tres Leches (230 THB) – a vanilla sponge cake soaked in 3 different types of milk, a sweet ending to our last night in Fraser Suites.  P.S. My review for Above Eleven can also be found on! Here’s Seth Lui’s review and Tony’s review on Above Eleven~

Chill Out @ Gramercy Park Bangkok

Named after the private park in New York City, where only residents have the key to Central Park’s exclusive oasis, Gramercy Park Bangkok is Sukhumvit Soi 11’s highest rooftop venue! Accessed through a ivy-filled wrought iron gate, which reminded me of Frances Hodgson Burnett’s The Secret Garden, the Rooftop Bar opened in 2013, shares Above Eleven’s food and drinks concept, but do not take reservations so as to keep the atmosphere informal. Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Gramercy ParkThis is perhaps one of my biggest regret from my trip to Bangkok, as the 3D2N was filled with so many other itineraries that I did not really have the energy and mood to chill at the bar with the beautiful night view. Sigh… but yet again, perhaps that will be the very reason for me to return to Fraser Suites and Above Eleven once more~ 😉

Restaurant: Above Eleven Rooftop Bar and Restaurant/ Gramercy Park
Address: Level 33, 34 & 35 (Side building). Fraser Suites, Sukhumvit Soi 11, Bangkok, Thailand (nearest BTS station, Nana)
Hours: 6:00 pm till 2:00 am daily
Phone: +66 83 542 1111
Dress Code: Semi-casual. | Gentlemen: No sleeveless shirts and closed shoes only
For more information about Above Eleven, check out their official website and Facebook Page.
For more information about Gramercy Park Bangkok, check out their official website and Facebook Page. Fraser Suites Sukhumvit Tiffany Yong Review

Address: Fraser Suites Sukhumvit | 38/8 Sukhumvit Road Soi 11, Klong Toey Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110
เฟรเซอร์ สวีทส์ สุขุมวิท | 38/8 ซอยสุขุมวิท 11 ถนนสุขุมวิท แขวงคลองเตยเหนือ เขตวัฒนา, สุขุมวิท,กรุงเทพ, ไทย 10110
Tel: +66 2 207 9300
For more information about Fraser Suite Sukhumvit, check out their official website and Facebook Page OR you can book your room via agoda here!

Thanks Vivaldi PR for arranging the accommodation and making my dining experience so memorable!

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  1. Louise ღ (@louisechelle)

    This is an amazing hotel! It would be a nice place to stay in for newly weds who are on their honeymoon or those celebrating their anniversaries. 🙂 You’re very lucky not only to have experienced their service and apartment but even get to go to the different dining areas in that location! That’s a very memorable stay.

  2. Wow, you sure did have an enjoyable time in Bangkok! I love the dining experiences which you had showcased in this post. I hope to be able to visit Bangkok someday. Perhaps when my girl is older 😉

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    Love ypur hotel room… Its simple, clean and has a homey vibe. I like a bedroom in whites and simple looking. So you have to buy a pack of salt when youre traveling so you can clean ypour hotels bathroom tub?

  4. This looks like a great place to stay. The room is nice and i love that there is a kitchen where you can cook. Eating out three times a day can take a toll on your budget.

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    What a cool place! I hope to stay here someday if I’m ever in the country! Everything looks perfect for both locals and tourists! 😀

  6. That’s a very thorough review of the hotel! thanks for the share – would you know how many they can accommodate in a suite? Travelling with family, that’s always the bug bear!

  7. the place looks good! but… feels a little too high end. haha, I’m going bkk next week and i’ll be staying at one of the boutique hotels. love trying out all the different boutique hotels. lacking in facilities, but the room designs are always so pretty!

  8. Just WOW! I’m totally overwhelmed by all the beautiful photos you’ve taken. From your deluxe room, the amenities of the hotel (especially the pool that looks so nice), the restaurant that is very colorful and the FOOD!!! How I wish to experience such luxurious hotel as a blogger. 🙂

  9. This looks like a very good hotel. Is it very expensive to stay there? Will have to check out if the rates are reasonable. The free wifi and free tuktuk shuttle are of course very good amenities. – Fred

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