#ProjectBareFace 3: AGNES + Q-Switch Treatments

AGNES Treatment and Q-Switch @ The Clifford Clinic

Note: This is a backdated post. My apologies to everyone for the super long delay for my updates on skin condition. Was held up by loads of other time-sensitive posts and neglected this project! So here it goes…
Agnes Treatment 2aMy first AGNES Treatment was done on 9th February 2015, and ever since then, after using the Aknicare series recommended by Dr Gerard Ee, my skin condition was more or less stabilised. Clifford Clinic Aknicare SeriesI won’t say there’s zero pimples (only in my dreams, for now), the big change was how the papules (tender red bumps) occurred less frequently. The Aknicare series is quite drying on the skin and with the use of the Retacnyl cream, my skin often flakes and peels. Sadly, I have to “listen to the doctor” and continue applying them. With the controlled condition, you might think I’m happier. Well, you are wrong! This brought me to another BIG PROBLEM:

Second AGNES Treatment

What Problem? My tolerance for zits and cysts became ULTRA LOW! Having pimples prior to periods is common amongst the ladies, but after enjoying 2.5 months of breakout-free “holiday”, I start panicking when I get a few break outs!
Agnes Treatment 2bNow looking back at my face condition back in April, it was actually much better as compared to the period back in January 2015. But at that time, I freaked out and quickly requested Dr Ee for a second AGNES treatment. Agnes Treatment 2cThe redder spots were the areas where Dr Ee treated with the AGNES machine. The covered surface was much lesser than the first treatment.
Agnes Treatment 2dI won’t repeat and elaborate too much on the AGNES treatment again as I’ve covered it in detailed in my previous article, so here, it’s pretty much the photos doing the talking! Answering some questions from readers:
Q: How Painful? It looked Scary!
A: While AGNES seems really scary (to many people), the pain level was really much lesser (and shorter) as compared to spending one hour getting your extraction and then suffer from a swollen face for one whole day.
Q: Should I do AGNES? Will it be suitable for me?
A: I won’t know if it is suitable for you. Dr Gerard Ee will be the best person to advise you on that. However, my personal take on AGNES treatment is that it is really suitable for people with (a lot of) break-outs.

Looking back now, comparing to the time I had my first AGNES treatment, my skin condition in April wasn’t THAT bad. I did not regret doing it (I was involved in some filming project) but people who are tight with their budget might want to wait longer before doing their second treatment.  

Q-Switch Laser Treatment 5 & 6

After the AGNES treatment, the next most important thing is to get rid of the pigmentation! The Q-Switch Laser treatment is used to remove the unwanted brown spots. Q Switch Left Face April 2015Instead of having the laser weekly, my Q-Switch laser treatment was now twice a month.

Tip: Before the treatment, you will be asked to wash and clean your face of any sunblock or creams. It is good to use cold water to rinse your face so that the pigmentation will surface (due to temperature difference). This will be good as Dr Gerard Ee can then target the laser treatments on the darker spots to disperse the cells carrying pigmentation molecule!
Q Switch Right Face April 2015If you are wondering why the red marks on 30th April are much darker, it was taken after doing Q-Switch. The pigmentation spots would be slightly darker than usual.  SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective SerumAfter telling Dr Ee about my sensitivity problems (skin flaking and drying), he recommended me to use the SkinCeutical Phyto Corrective Liquid/Gel, an oil-free serum which can help to calm, soothe and hydrate my skin. The serum is an oil-free hydrator for acne-prone skin, it contains botanical extracts such as cucumber and thyme which has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, antiseptic, and circulation-stimulating properties. It also has hyaluronic acide, an effective moisturizer and botanical glycosides to help fade discoloration without irritation.

Progress Report: After 3 Months of AGNES and Q-Switch

I’m often blinded by the minor details on my face (who doesn’t!) and it was easy to forget the long way I’ve improved within 3 months.
Clifford Clinic Left Face Progress Jan-May 2015It was only after working out this article that I realised how much I’ve improved. Clifford Clinic Right Face Progress Jan-May 2015Q: Is this a permanent solution?
A: For now, I am unable to answer this question as I am still on the journey of discovering if it is permanent. However I did a little experiment to see if my condition is still affected by external and internal conditions. When I was under TCM care, a healthy lifestyle (balanced diet, regular exercise and sleeping early) is of utmost important. But because of my work, I am unable to sleep early (I usually sleep at around 2-3am). While this had affected my previously, causing non-stop breakout, after AGNES treatment and with the help of Q-Switch Laser, my condition is so much more controllable!

P.S. I’m not saying what I’m doing is right (sleeping late etc), but I’m still glad my breakouts were more controlled and stable now!


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31 thoughts on “#ProjectBareFace 3: AGNES + Q-Switch Treatments”

  1. Hi Tiffany, you mentioned due to some hormonal imbalance, you’re getting breakouts around the chin area. Have you found a solution for the hormonal chin acne?

    1. Hi Carin, thanks for the email! Yes I have! Do let me know if it’s convenient for me to email you personally to share more with you as I’ve not shared that solution yet!

  2. Hi Tiffany, 2 questions I have for you. Did going through Agnes reduce the amount and intensity of breakouts for you in general? and whether the spots where Agnes was targetted had recurring acne?

  3. Your skin looks waaaay better now! After the may sched, when’s your next Agnes treatment? and for maintenance, since your skin is better, how often do you have to go back for the Q switch?

  4. I don’t really know much about about acne treatment but the results seem to be working really well for you so far.

    1. Hi Q-switch is more for pigmentation, freckles or brown spots. It will take more than one treatment to get your spots off, so the best will be to consult Dr Ee (free consultation) for an accurate gauge of the cost.

      As for pitted scars, from what I know, it will require CO2 laser treatment. I have yet to try that, so I won’t be able to advise you one that! But you can still call the clinic, quote my name and ask for the rates!

  5. What sort of light did they shine on your face as those pics were taken?! It magnifies the scars I think? There seems marked improvement to your skin after the treatment, definitely.

  6. I Love Paars by: Lee

    your face ia much better now as compare on the month of february. when I was on my teens till college i will only have 2 to 3 small pimples on my face. yet ive got lots of blackheads on my nose. when i had a kid, i tried those derm clinics and had facial with extraction. its really painful and i learned based on my experience, when you did not comtinue having facials that will be your worst nightmare.

  7. Karen of MrsLookingGood

    So much progress and improvement already Tiffany! And kudos to you for sharing your journey. I know you will help and enlighten a lot of people who are looking for a similar treatment.

  8. These acne pictures of yours are so brutally honest, they are difficult to look at. They do not look like you at all. When I look at your glamor pics, it is hard to believe you are undergoing this skin problem up to now. – Fred

  9. I hope the AGNES treatment and Q-Switch combined works for you even if it takes some time and more sessions. I’m seeing some improvement though and that’s better than nothing at all. 🙂

  10. Your improvement is pretty significant, as shown in the pictures. My doctor always “nag” at me to have enough sleep and take care of my health. I think you might need to address those issues as well. Take care!

  11. It does look somewhat scary, but the results are absolutely perfect. I’m going to recommend this to my friends.

  12. Agnes does seem a little scary but your skin has certainly improved a lot! Such an interesting process! 😀

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