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Recommended Audience: Fans of Zhou Xun 周迅, Tong Dawei 佟大为, Wallace Chung Han-Liang 钟汉良, Zhang Zilin 张梓琳 and romantic comedy movie fans


Meet Miss Anxiety (我的早更女友) Movie Synopsis

Meeting Miss anxiety1
Four years ago, Qi Jia’s beloved college boyfriend Liu Chong plans to work in Beijing, while Qi rather stays in her hometown city. At their graduation ceremony, Qi proposes to Liu in the public, only to be rejected immediately – that was the end of their love story. After their graduation, Qi was so passionate toward her new life and approved the ‘flat-share’ request by her schoolmate, Yuan Xiao’ou who was homeless at that time. Qi had never heard from Liu Chong after then until she got his wedding invitation two years later, she was devastated….

Meeting Miss anxiety5四年前,戚嘉的大学男友刘 执意要去北京工作,可戚嘉舍不得离开故乡。毕业之日她向刘 求婚,却遭当众拒绝,她与刘 的爱情也在此刻停止。毕业后戚嘉满怀热情的生活,并“捡”回无家可归的大学校友袁晓鸥一起合租。刘 去北京后音讯全无,载满思念的信也有去无回,戚嘉变得意志消沉日日买醉。两年后刘 的结婚请柬让戚嘉痛不欲生,寻死不得后她在闺蜜林舒儿和袁晓鸥的陪同下赶赴北京抢婚。但当刘 发现面纱下的新娘是戚嘉时,他再一次拒绝了戚嘉的求婚。遭受感情创伤的戚嘉也被诊断出“早更”,在室友袁晓鸥帮她“疗伤”击退更年期的日子里,两颗孤独的心逐渐向彼此靠拢。 漫长四年的相处,袁晓鸥对戚嘉不离不弃,戚嘉也因他重拾起对爱情的信念。

Meet Miss Anxiety (我的早更女友) Viewer Rating: 4/5 ****

Meet Miss Anxiety (我的早更女友) Movie Review:

Meeting Miss anxiety6I wasn’t really expecting much from this film initially, as I thought it will most probably be another slapstick comedy. Little do I know, this story was a reflection of my life (almost), and I could relate to Qi Jia’s inability to overcome the previous relationship. I was glad, of course, that I did not find solace in beer and drinks like her. And of course, I wasn’t as lucky as her, to have a guardian angel to be around me at all times. Despite so, I was impressed how Zhou Xun managed to bring out the emotions and rejection of her illness. It was natural yet animated, and I was very much amused when a fellow blogger friend told me how certain actions of hers reminded him of me.

MMA_Still5I was also impressed with Tong Da-wei’s versatile image. I last saw him in Vicki Zhao’s “Dearest” movie where he was a money-minded fake lawyer. In “Meet Miss Anxiety”, he had a very different image, Yuan Xiao’ou, a guy who has secretly liked Qi Jia (Zhou Xun) for really long, and was willing to accompany her and take care of her silently. Do stay behind after the credits for a surprise flashback of his, which will definitely give you a very different impression of him!

MMA_Still7Another surprise was Zhang Zilin as Lin Shu’er, Qi Jia’s best friend from university. Perhaps I’ve watched too many Korean dramas, but she definitely had the look where she could potentially be the third party, secretly seducing Qi Jia’s boyfriend behind her best friend’s back. But fret now, the plot is not that complicated in this film, and I like the odd combination here, in terms of height and even behaviour. She’s definitely a friend you will want when you are facing a relationship break down, as she’s able to analyse the problem clearly when you are confused yourself!

MMA_Still1Although the film did not really go in depth, but I love how it touched on points like having closures in relationship, how you should not leave a relationship hanging, and how we sometimes neglect the person closest to us! Most importantly, stress and depression do damage our body!

So if you are looking for a funny yet meaningful film to watch this Valentine’s Day with your partner or best friend, “Meet Miss Anxiety” should definitely be your first choice!

Do You Know?

Kwak Jae-yong1. “Meet Miss Anxiety is Korean director, Kwak Jae-yong’s final instalment for his “Girlfriend series”. The first two was “My Sassy Girl” and “Cyborg She”.

Meeting Miss anxiety22. Zhou Xun was selected and appointed the director. He said that the first time he saw Zhou Xun, he knew that the female lead should be her, as she is a combinations of sexy, fresh and crazy, she couldn’t think of China actress more suitable for the role than her.”

Meeting Miss anxiety33. in order to get the drunk feel in the several drinking scenes, Zhou Xun will drink some beer everytime, and she in the drunkard state made her “best friend” Zhang Zilin complain about her weight. “Zhou Xun is petite, but when she’s drunk, she’s much heavier than my imagination, I have to use a lot of strength to drag her.”

Behind The Scenes and Interviews

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Meet Miss Anxiety (我的早更女友) is out in cinemas on 5 February 2015.

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  1. I love romantic comedy movies, they are my favorite genre and I think this movie is extremely popular for the upcoming Valentine’s day and the romantic atmosphere it brings. Lovely review, got me curious to watch it!

  2. This is my kind of movie. I like drama, humor, interesting story lines and fun characters. It’s entertaining and that works for me.

  3. What Fatemah Say's

    I have always enjoyed reading your movie review dear. This movie looks quite the type that I would enjoy.

  4. Sounds like a lovely film, there are so many rom coms that I like and I can always see myself in some of the characters! sim @ x

  5. Koreans sure know how to make bankable movies! I hope Filipinos will be able to make movies that will appeal to the international public soon. ^_^

  6. Great review, Tiffany! It has been a while since I last watched an Asian drama but it does look very interesting! 😀 (Well to be exact, I don’t think I’ve watched a Chinese Drama yet) So I guess this is worth a try!

  7. This is not exactly my type of movie. But I may just try to see it if I get a copy in order to see what you have gone through yourself. 🙂 – Fred

  8. From your review, the movie is worth to watch and you said that it was the same director as Sassy Girl, thinking that there’s a lot of Pilipino wants to watch this beautiful movie, hope they will release in our country.

  9. Having to drink to play drunk? 🙂 seems quite a fun movie to watch. Hmmmm, you really have a thing with movies…

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