Your Highness Beauty & Nails: The Pink Gift

Secret to Positivity: Change. Something, ANYTHING!

There’s a saying that goes “Shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist” and retail therapy somehow seems to be a popular way amongst ladies to “buy” happiness. However, I realize that it is not the “purchasing” that increase the endorphins, but the “Change” that help boost the confidence level. The change can vary from something as drastic as getting a new wardrobe, changing a hairstyle, or something simple like putting on a new lipstick colour or changing your nail colour.

Your Highness Beauty & Nails @ Bugis Cube

I was introduced by my friend, Michelle (aka Michhysaurous) this salon located at the old North Bridge Commercial Commercial Complex – now called the Bugis Cube, and like its name, this is a place where you your nails get to be treated like a royalty.
Your Highness Nails Bugis CubeOn the outside, it looks just like any other nail salon. But ladies will know, just like how the chef bring soul to the recipe, the soul of a nail salon is the manicurist, not the shop. Thus, I decided to set a challenging task for Your Highness Beauty & Nails.

The Scenerio/Task: I was about to act in a Music Video where the character was a young woman who crave for love from her musician husband. When she didn’t get that, she sought solace in another guy instead. There were scenes from many years back before they got married, and also scenes in the present when the husband discovers his wife’s infidelity.

What’s Classy, Simple Yet Uniquely “Your Highness”?

Your Highness Nails10The first thing to come to my mind will be the basic French manicure. It’s classy, and simple. It is not too eye-catching, yet it is timeless. However, this won’t really show the capability of the manicurist! Just like fashion, sometimes, it is easier being bold and be an extremist (ie. sensual, gothic, hip-hop etc) than to go simple yet unique.

You Don’t Have to be French to be Classy

Your Highness Nails2In the end, based on what I’ve told them, Anna, the lady boss of the salon came out with this design, which I name it “The Pink Gift“.

Your Highness Nails3In colour psychology, pink is a sign of hope. It is a positive color inspiring warm and comforting feelings, a sense that everything will be okay. Pink calms and reassures our emotional energies, alleviating feelings of anger, aggression, resentment, abandonment and neglect.

Your Highness Nails9Do you know that having a nice manicure actually help increase your confidence? Like how the saying goes, “Nails take any old outfit and make it new.” There are people who will get a manicure done before an important event, be it a wedding, a gala dinner or even a social networking event. Nails might seem intangible or small, but that little extra confidence might just be the very thing you need.

Your Highness Nails1Each design has a little story of it’s own, and also tell a little of the person wearing it. I was never a fan of glitters, blings and complicated designs, as I always find them too bold and loud, which doesn’t really fit my “down-to-earth” (that’s a better word for boring, right?) outfits. So I was kind of trying to insist on a sweet-old french manicure or even nude colour. Anna convinced me, that the design they have in mind for me, will definitely meet ALL my requirements!

Your Highness Nails7The metallic pink (middle finger) is attention catching, and it suggest an element of showgirl razzle-dazzle buried deep inside, wanting people to notice you. The white and pink nail art is optimistic and creative, telling people you know exactly how to express yourself. As for the crystals blings, it brings out the free-spirited nature of a person yet humbled by the pastel nature.

Your Highness Nails8I was really surprised by how Anna managed to bring out the characteristics of the female lead in the music video with just the colours and design of the nails!

Pedicure: For Those Who Appreciates

Your Highness Nails6Being a fuss-free (or plain lazy) girl, I don’t see the need to go for a pedicure as my little toes usually spend their time sleeping in the socks and hiding in my shoes. But every since I had this pretty pedicure done, I wore peep-toe heels more often than before, and I can’t help but feel glamourous even when I’m on flip-flops!

Your Highness Nails5The simple strips is like a little present and ends with some crystals lined up on the big toe.
Do you know, according to Beauty and Tips Magazine, “a girl who prefers bright pink is posh, confident, daring and seductive, she loves to draw attention and knows that pink nails won’t stay unnoticed. She has positive and optimistic character, is 100% confident in the way she looks and lives her life without any worry.”

The Pink Gift: Sweet and Timeless for the little Princess in You

Your Highness Nails4Thanks Anna and Fion for the lovely shades of Pink! I felt like a Princess for the longest time after having this set of gelish nail designs!

Items used in the Photo-shoot (by Ellen) above:
1. Apple‘s iPhone 5S
2. Jane Iredale’s Just Kissed™ (Forever Pink) Lip & Cheek Stain
3. Rachel K CC Renew Pressed Powder (Light)
4. Pure Origin Rose Quartz Necklace

怪我不完美 MV Scenes

guai wo bu wan mei MV shoot

Your Highness Nails11Here’s a close-up shoot of the nails taken by Ada from A Square Visual Studio. I was writing a farewell and apology note to the husband in the scene!

Your Highness Beauty & Nails

Your Highness Nails Fion Opening Hours: 9am – 8pm
Address: 470, North Bridge Road, #02-03 Bugis Cube, Singapore 408936
Tel: +65 6337 3839
For more designs, check out their Facebook Page!

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19 thoughts on “Your Highness Beauty & Nails: The Pink Gift”

  1. Karen of MrsLookingGood

    Congrats on another MTV role Tiffany! Love the classy yet modern nail art you have. I’ve always been intrigued with nail art and what you have is something I’m willing to try. They’re not over the top and very chic. I don’t remember Bugis Cube but I do remember spending a lot of time in Bugis Junction every time I go there.

  2. Love the nail art, and I had nails colour almost every single day.. I think that define my mood and character for the week too! Btw your pics are awesome, great job on the photographer!

  3. Your nails look amazing! You were so lucky to be able to pamper yourself in this salon. I love the tender rosy color that perfectly matches your jewels.

  4. The designs featured looks cute! I need to try incorporating pink into my life to get that positive vibe going. You look beautiful in every picture by the way.

  5. Such lovely color! I love your nails. I have to wait a few more years to be able to do that and maintain my polishes , right now, I cut my hair or buy clothes when I need change. I agree with you on that one, change is therapy.

  6. Aaah, I need to start liking the color pink some more. I find it too girlie, but if color psychology say that pink is a color that somewhat relates to hope and evokes calming & positive feelings, then Imma start trying to get some pink hauls to better appreciate the color. I like how change was presented in your post and how it was related to shopping and why the activity has become very therapeutic for us women. Nice post, Tiffany.

  7. Love the colours and designs! Totally agree, whenever I need cheering up I buy a new nail colour – in fact currently there is more nail varnish is my fridge than there is food… mhm… need to do a food shop tomorrow! Fab write up – the dress in the first pic really suits you! Sim x

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