23 thoughts on “Yuki Ng Bought Fake Followers Or Cyber Bullying?”

  1. That’s harsh, but then it’s reality. There will always be those people who just have the joy of putting those who have reached success to the ground, which is really awful. Just always stay positive, in the end karma will hit them pretty bad.

  2. I can’t even imagine why one would do these types of cyber bullying. But yeah, if you’re a victim of these acts, you have to step up and speak for yourself. This is a terrible experience, but we can learn from it.

  3. Tiffany, my goodness! Reading this was sad and exhausting. I’ve never understood the mentality behind cyber-bullying; my first line of defense is to report them, block them and delete their comments. Responding opens the door to more abuse.
    As for buying followers and such, I don’t care what people choose to do on their social media accounts. If they think having more followers makes them famous, so be it. It makes no sense to me. Happy Holidays!

  4. Angelo The Explorer

    That is scary! This is very difficult to stop now and all we need to do is deal with them straight or sometimes just ignore!

  5. Emeritus Cockerel

    Never Buy Facebook Likes as it will affect your Fans Engagement – Here’s Why
    If you ask people what is the first thing they look at when they see a Facebook page, most of them will probably tell you it’s the number of LIKEs.

    Facebook Page likes are nothing but Ego

    Many business owners even today still see Facebook Page likes as an indication of their scale of business, often used to pit against their competitors within the same industry. I have one client kept calling me every other day and asked me why his competitor has more likes than him.

    They believe that a lot of consumers still have this mindset.
    “This brand must be good and reputable because they have 30,000 Likes on their Facebook page”

    However, this belief is slowing fading as more Social Media Marketers are coming out to bash Facebook pages from buying likes. With so many pages buying likes, the quality of the content becomes the focal point for consumers.

    How do you buy Facebook Likes?

    Well, basically there is the legitimate way and the non-legitimate way.

    The Non-legitimate Way is by paying people or websites to buy likes coming out of ‘Click farms’
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    The legitimate way is putting an ad on Facebook to promote your Facebook Page. The killer part for this is that a lot of Page owners do not know how to use the Ad Editors. They may generate a lot of Likes for their page but many of them don’t necessary comes from the country their business is from. They see their fans coming from various countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Turkey, India and many weird places which you might not know existed.

    The funny but sad truth is that workers from the click farms will also clicked on the Facebook Ads to prove their authenticity. This proves a fatal move for people who are actually paying Facebook to promote their page.

    Why Fake Likes will hurt you in the long run?

    If you have not notice, Facebook no longer allows 100% reach to your fans.
    Instead, Facebook chose to filter its news feed using what they call EdgeRank which is a sorting algorithm to determine the relevance and popularity of each post based on their indicators.

    Some critical determinants of whether a post is will go viral
    How popular (Liked, commented on, shared, clicked) are the post creator’s past posts with everyone
    How popular is this post with everyone who has already seen it
    How popular have the post creator’s past posts been with the viewer
    Does the type of post (status update, photo, video, and link) match what types have been popular with the viewer in the past?
    How recently was the post published?

    Always remember, it is better to have 100 loyal customers from 500 fans than to have none from 10,000 fans. Don’t let Ego take over how you spend your marketing efforts and you will realize how much losses you’ve actually made due to this.

  6. hmmm thats really sad to see. but i guess there should be some sort of cyber police or something to stop all these. cyberworld has become way too unmanageable especially on all these things. anyway thanks god that i have not been into there yet. well for those victim, stay strong! =D

  7. I find it very difficult to read those screenshots for they’re too small to read. I know you have all the rights and privileges to express your ill feelings. As long as you have the chance don’t miss that opportunity. By the way, this is unsolicited advice, if you adapt it or not. I just want to let you know that it is a rule in writing for a web, blue text is so discouraged for it is usually used to indicate an external link. Good day!

    1. Thanks Tumandok for your feedback. Those images did not belong to me. As you can see, I translated the text from a fellow blogger, same for the images. But thanks for telling me about the blue text. I did not know that! Will change it now 🙂

  8. I had commented but got a sad face… guessing that did not go through! The experience sounds awful and unfortunately there are too many fakes in all walks of life – followers (I do not tend to suffer too much with those) but certainly with online dating! Cyber bullying is on the rise unfortunately as people can hide behind a screen… so brave of them… cowards!! I would rather have people who enjoy and share my content rather than a large number of followers who never engage! Simone x

  9. No one deserves to be cyber-bullied. It’s so juvenile and it’s not something that decent adults do. I once had a very bad experience with it – that was back in 2004. The girl used to date the cousin of my former boyfriend & when they broke up, she prolly did a break-up by association and she created a blog and wrote mean stuff about the guy I was seeing before and I. I did everything that I can to make sure that she would put that blog down. It took a while. She only took it down when I told her that I’d take legal actions. I guess we all just have to be responsible for whatever content we put on the web.

    About fake likers, well …. I’ve always believed in quality over quantity 🙂

  10. i know how you feel but the truth is people only try to attack successful set of people and i guess you must be very successful and good at what you do. I dont believe there is anything wrong in getting likes to your fan pages especially one that you have attached to an ecommerce website as it brings in good traffic for you and more visitors to your blog. One might just like your blog to get credits for his blog and at the end see something nice on your blog and automatically becomes your customer or post fan. It has its good and bad effects thou.
    Nice post

  11. It reminds me a like exchange group which I regret till now. Exchange is the easiest way to boost like (at least for me). So, I did it and then one of them are actually a like seller. They want people to like their service then they give back too. But the giving back is a nightmare for me. =( They give me fake likers. And which cause my FB Page now is like 2000+ likes but only about 200 likers are real. Sigh. Trying to delete the fake account, but not able to clear all. A very good experience that I will always remember not to simply exchange likes with people. =(

  12. Cyber bullying to most is much harder because it’s quite hard to know the identity of the bully. Mentally, we suffer from too much thinking of who the person might be, or why he/she is doing such against us, etc. That’s why our government passed a law for cyber bullying however, it has loop holes therefore the law isn’t that effective (yet).

    The best way to deal with bullies is ignore them because ignorance pains them. 🙂

  13. What a terrible experience. I know I am not too renowned or popular to get such harassment. All I had was a single hater on Twitter saying how boring my writing was. Also, I was wondering about that letter by Sebastian Anderson. Why does he have so many typographical errors? So unbecoming of the credentials under his name. – Fred

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