The Eyes Diary (คนเห็นผี) Movie Review

The Eyes Diary (คนเห็นผี) Movie Review | by

Recommended Audience: Fans of Porama Imanothai, Focus Jeerakul, Chonnikarn Netjui, Kittisak Patomburana, thai films and romantic horror movie fans

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The Eyes Diary (คนเห็นผี) Movie Synopsis

It has been three months since Nott (Punjan) lost his beloved girlfriend, Pla(Focus) in the motorcycle accident. His heart is full of guilt and sorrow and the only way for him to get through this is to meet Pla again in her after life. He tries to find a way to find back Pla’s soul and decides to join the emergency crew volunteer which he has to secretly picked up the belongings of the dead ones. He thinks that by doing that he will be able to find back Pla’s soul. eyes diary accidentHowever, things are not that simple. John (Jack) his friend at the volunteer foundation tries to tell him not to do this, seeing spirits are not things to be taken lightly. Nott does not listen and continues to confront the haunting spirits hoping that they may be able to lead him to Pla. Will he be able to meet Pla ? Will he be able to tell Pla what he wants to? He has never expected that everything that is happening is actually under Pla watchful eyes…

The Eyes Diary Viewer Rating: 3.75/5 ****

The Eyes Diary Movie Review:

I was forewarned that this film will be scarier than what we think it would be (based on the trailer). I’m almost a fan of Thai films, I think it was ever since Mario Maurer came into my life (figuratively) with Crazy Little Things Called Love (First Love) when I started noticing how many Thai films I’ve been watching unknowingly. As for Thai horror films, it was the recent years, when GTH worked with Sentosa Spooktacular to produce Movie-themed horror houses when I explore more into the Horror Sector. I mean I wouldn’t want to scare myself by watching all these films alone!

eyes diary“We hurt, not because we remember the bad parts of the relationship, but we remembered the good parts of the relationship.” This was one of the most memorable lines in the film which me and my friend couldn’t get out of my mind.

awJust like the Ghost Whisperer, the ghosts in The Eyes Diary are portrayed as super scary or in their original appearance when they died when they are first seen. But if you are not afraid of them, you actually see them as who they are before they die. So, yes, do be prepared to be scared by sudden sound effects and gruesome ghosts. I wondered why is the film called “The Eyes Diary” in the first place, but I guess, the word diary was a figurative description of how the main lead Nott goes all the way every time to try to see the dead…

IMG_9610A weird part was how a ghost (Pla) could still feel pain and bleed like a human when she was attacked by other ghosts. I actually thought the main lead was rather creepy, taking belongings from dead people who died of unnatural causes and John (Kittisak Patomburana), who was the supporting actor was the “normal” one, despite him being the one who was able to see ghost.

The Eyes Diary Movie Still 5Doll-haters will abhor the scenes when Motta (Chonnikan Netjui) brings home a doll which belonged to her dead sister, so that she will be able to see her sister once more. It didn’t really make sense why the dead sister will do things to scare her, but well, I will just put it as that no rested spirit wish to be disturbed!

pala2The basis of the story made me wonder, if I am in the shoes of Nott, what will I do if I ever had the need to want to see my deceased loved ones. I thought about that before, many years ago, when the uncle who raised me up passed away suddenly. While it is scary to be seeing someone dead for outsiders, it is true that you won’t really be afraid if that person was someone you loved. But will you actually go to that extent of wanting to see the dead?

P.S. I’m not revealing any of the scary scenes so that you guys can get a taste of the scariness yourself in the cinemas!

Do You Know?

love of siamThe director, Chookiat Sakveerakul is also the script writer of this film. He was also the director of “Love of Siam”, the first film Mario Maurer acted in.

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The Eyes Diary is out in cinemas on 27 November 2014.

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25 thoughts on “The Eyes Diary (คนเห็นผี) Movie Review”

  1. 8 years later. There is an emotional resonance to asian horror movies that I would say you don’t get in western ones. Of course I’m speaking in generalities. Spoiler here. I was wondering why Pla looked the same in death as in life. i guess it was to set up the final shot.
    So how would this movie be described. Well, for the for the most part it’s a straight forward horror/ghost story with one character who is obviously gay, and meant to bring light relief, and interspersed with a few comedic scenes. It’s like having Adam Sandler for example in a supporting comedy role in The Sixth sense, and some comic sequences thrown in.
    That’s not a complaint by the way, just an observation.
    I liked the movie. The cast were good. I thought the acting was very natural.

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  3. What’ with the horror flick reviews this week? I thought Halloween was over already. Haha! 🙂 This one is definitely scary and those eyes spooked me. I’m not a fan of horror movies. They give me nightmares.

  4. I’m not really into horror movie, too timid to watch one.. But I think Thai is always a good producer, whether in horror movie, or with creative advertisement..

  5. Thai movie producers and writers are really good! I love most of the horror films that were shown here in the Philippines. And I bet this one is a great watch as well. I hope it will be available here in my country like the others.

    I agree. I would have laughed to see a ghost bleed.

  6. I like a lot of the Thai horror films like Shutter, The Eye etc. Now it The Eyes. I think I will like to watch it when it gets shown here. Talking about Mario Maurer, I really enjoyed Pee Mak. – Fred

  7. Thai horror films have scared the sh*t out of of me. IMO, they’re way better than Japanese horror films. I look forward to watching this one — based on what your review, it’s something that I would want to watch.

  8. Sumi Go | The Purple Doll

    This seems like a very interesting movie. I haven’t watched a lot of Thai films yet, but I’ll definitely give this a try, Might have to wait for an online copy though as I don’t think it will be shown in cinemas here in my country. >.<

  9. Interesting! I love horror movies, especially Asian ones, so I will definitely check this one out. I haven’t watched any Tahi movie, yet, but I’ve seen the American remake of Shutter and loved it. I’m pretty sure the original Thai version is much better.

  10. Sumi Go | The Purple Doll

    This seems interesting! I haven’t seen a lot of Thai films yet, so I might just give this a try! 😀 Will probably wait for an online copy as I don’t think this will be shown in my country. >.<

  11. Oh, I know Mario Maurer. The movie sounds scary and creepy. I wonder how this ends. I was never a fan of horror movies. I might watch this if there is free food! LOL -katrina centeno

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