Colour Journey with Dulux 1: The Colourist

I’m back with a new challenge issued by Dulux Singapore! I was really surprised when I received the email notification that I’ve got shortlisted for Dulux “Inspired to Inspire” Contest! This is a contest that allows selected bloggers to give our homes a new lease of life with a fresh new coat of paint!

Dilemma: To Go or Not to Go

I had to be truthful that the sudden awareness that I’ve been accepted gave me a shock, as I have joined for the sake of trying my luck, and never thinking that i will really get in (I guess people who often join contest will know how I feel). So for this contest, I had to attend a Colour Inspiration Workshop organized by Dulux the next day.
Dulux SG TiffanyTo go or Not to go? This was the question resounding in my head for the whole day.
No Go: My family were quite against the idea of me taking part, as they find it very inconvenient and troublesome to have someone coming to our house to paint and have to shift around furnitures etc.
Go: Sometimes all you need is a little push for changes to be made. This is an excellent opportunity for me to get the 14 year old house a new look.
No Go:I’m still not the main decision maker in the house! Even if Papa say Ok, Mum say Nay, it’s still a NAY! My mum will kill me if I go ahead and proceed without respecting her choice.
Go:My younger sister has confirmed on her flat and friends around me are getting married one by one (Sound sad huh?) Being a blogger, they tend to ask me for opinions and suggestions for products and brands. So taking this up will mean I will get to share with them more relevant stuff?
In The End: I decided to target and focus on convincing the dowager of the house: MOMMY! She’s always the one complaining about the lack of help whenever she wants to paint the room (You know how mums are like, they will stop you from helping because they feel that we will only mess up). Being the Persuasive me, no prizes for guessing whether I managed to convince her!

The Colour Inspiration Workshop

Seriously, what is there to be inspired about? Colours are like… colours? Just choose your favourite colour and that will do the job, right? I was skeptical what I could get out of the workshop, most probably another sales pitch or contest rules & regulations talk. So let me do a Tom Riddle, and take you inside my memory of what happened during the workshop.

(A) Colour Psychology

Dulux Colour PsychologyI missed this part of the workshop as I had a drama class prior to the workshop and arrived late. So when I was briefed later on, I was like… hmmm… Colour Psychology and Mood, I know all about this, no sweat.
Dulux SG Colour Emotions
Points to note:
1. Colour can affect a person’s mood and how you feel about your own room. Each colour’s psychological value can influence your emotions from tranquility to rage. So we have to choose our colours wisely if you want “peace and harmony” in your family.
2. Different spaces in the house serve different purposes. You don’t want to feel sleepy in the study room or energetic in your bedroom.

Tip: Do you know that some colours in large amounts will have just the opposite effect on you and your family’s mood?

(B) Colour and Space

Dulux Colour SpaceThis is something new. Need to sit up and pay attention.
Dulux SG Space and ColourImages credit to Dulux Singapore
Besides emotions, colours can also affect space. Ceiling with lighter colours than the walls will feel higher, while those that are darker feel lower. Visually lowered ceiling can evoke cozy intimacy. Dark walls make a room seem smaller and light walls make a room seem larger.

P.S. Which is why Singaporeans prefer white or light coloured walls, as our flats are so small!

Colour Harmony

Dulux Colour HarmonyWhat?!
Colour harmony is a balance or unity of colours, where different combination of colours exist in harmony and are pleasing to the eye. There are five types of Harmonies. Monochromatic, Analogous, Direct Complementary, Split Complementary and Triadic.
Dulux Singapore provided a Dulux Colour Guide which helps address all the above harmonies as well as the colours you get when you mix two paint together.

So how do you actually blend the colours you like into a pleasing combination? Colour Harmony is something very new to me and I’m only aware of the very safe monochromatic colour scheme.

Dulux Colourist Challenge 1: Themes & Colour Selection

Theory versus Practical
Now that I’ve learnt the theory, I’ve got to put it into use. As you know, many things seem easy when you just have to say it, but the actual task of selection is so daunting. Choosing colour combination is actually a very intimidating step for me as I’m not painting my own house or room.
Dulux RoomI chose my parents’ master bedroom to be painted, as my mum’s birthday is approaching! So this is like an appreciation for their upbringing. (Ain’t easy bringing up four kids in Singapore ya!) If you take a look at the photo above, the white paint had yellowed over the years! I didn’t even realize that until now when I took a picture. See how we neglect the walls?
But the difficulty of the task doubled as the choices have to revolve around my parents and their needs. What’s more, my mum was telling me how she’s going to leave that to me and see what I can come up with! Gulp Triple scary!

The 3+1 Tools You May Need

If you are indecisive (like me!) and still can’t decide on what colours to use even after learning the language of colours, here’s some tools you might need before transforming your room!

1. Book Reference: Colour Inspiration 2015

Suitable for: New house owners; People who want to redecorate their rooms

Dulux Inspiration 2015For furniture inspiration, you need the IKEA book. But for the walls, you will need the Dulux Colour Inspiration Book.

Dulux SG Inspiration 2015 TiffanyThis book provides you with the
– Colour of the Year for 2015
– Colour & Design Inspiration Guide
– Singaporean’s favourite Colour Range
– Range of Dulux paint products and their colours palates for different needs (such as the Dulux Wash & Wear, Dulux Pure, Dulux Light & Space etc).

You may request for your personal copy at or visit Dulux Singapore’s Website for more inspiration online.

2. Dulux Colour Consultation Service (free!)

Suitable for: Opinion seekers
Dulux provides free Colour Consultation Service which allow you to visualise your colour choices and how it will look like in your room.

Dulux Consultation Service
1. Take a photo of the room(s) you wish to paint.
2. Email and tell them your preferred colours/shades or themes. Remember to leave your name and contact details so that they can contact you. (Email size should not exceed 10MB)
3. Visualize Your Dream Home with the colour scheme images from Dulux Colour Specialists
4. Paint it yourself or arrange a “Professional painting service” at your convenience.
Call: 6265 0677 or visit for more information.

3. Dulux Visualizer App

Suitable for: IT Savvy, DIY-ers

Dulux Colours3The Dulux Visualizer App can assist you in selecting ideal colours for your room by allowing you to view the painted version of your room instantly through the App.
Dulux SG Visualizer
If you are trying to understand what I’m saying, this is what I mean:

The App can be downloaded here: For iOs | For Android

+1. House Energy Grid Mapping Analysis

Suitable for: People who needs help narrowing down colour choices.

This is something extra for my readers! After going through the Colour Inspiration 2015 book and trying out the Dulux Visualizer App, I’m still stuck at choosing the colour schemes!
Why? Because my parents are still hoping to stick to the idea of choosing something simple, like white paint, nothing too dark or adventurous. -.-
That’s totally uninspiring and no fun right?So inspired by the idea to inspire (how original!), I decided to seek the help of a professional numerologist, Kase, to help me with choosing or narrowing down the wide range of colours provided by Dulux! This house energy grid mapping make use of numerology and colours to bring desired changes in the energy of your home.
Dulux Room FloorplanCost: $180* / house or shop unit (2hrs max per session)
Consultation Location: Anywhere near MRT Station. (Additional $44 for house visit)
Information Needed (Given 1 week in advance):
a) Blueprint of the house (with North direction indicated from main door)
b) House unit number
c) Birth dates of residing residents (in my case, my parents’ birth dates)
*Payment by cash before the start of the session.

My Final Choice

Dulux Colours1With the above all as reference and Master Kase’s recommendation, my parents’ room have to avoid Red (as it will increase aggression traits), Yellow, Orange and White (as it will increase personal negative traits). OMG, the current master bedroom is in total white!

P.S. Note that this was his recommendation based on my parents’ birth dates.

Dulux Colours2This is how the room looks like on the Dulux Visualizing App
Colour Recommendation: Lotus Blossom, Little Linda (Good for enhancing relationship, wealth, temperament control); Seawind, Napa Valley (For calming and neutralising effects).

I guess it’s the paradox of choice, my mum chose the Lotus Blossom and Little Linda (which is similar to the Trendy Colour for 2015!) Now, I’m sending this choices to the Consultants and see what they say!

A Summary Video!

Promotion for You!

Dulux PromotionFrom now till 15th February 2015.
Visit for more information.
Dulux Promotion Tiffany YongBetween Now till 31st December 2014, you can get an additional $30 off painting packages when you call 6265 0677* and quote “TY550”.
*Hotline Operating Hours: Weekdays 8.30am – 5pm

For more inspiration online, visit:
Dulux Singapore’s Facebook Page, Website or Youtube Channel!

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Disclaimer: No monetary compensation was received for the article. The article is written in response to Dulux “Inspired to Inspire” Contest. Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are genuine and honest. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.

21 thoughts on “Colour Journey with Dulux 1: The Colourist”

  1. I was hoping your mom would pick those two colors. I was glad she did. They are very pretty colors for a room make over. Good job!

  2. I enjoyed reading your post. Very fun read, especially the “go or not to go” part. I want to try that Dulux app myself since my wife is asking to repaint our rooms already. Hehe. – Fred

  3. Wow, what a such fun and at the same time, formative post, for me. Talk about interior designing 101, eh?

    Seriously, painting (or technically, coloring) such rooms or spaces should really have their own basis for them to look appropriate or having much better impact. That gave me an idea on how would I make my house should look in the near future (should I dare to build one).

    I wish the app could be available to other countries like the Philippines though.

  4. This is timely because I am actually planning to have the house painted but hey, white is my choice why is it in the no no list? Hmmnn…means I have to choose another color. Thanks for this and I’ll be getting back in here to digest everything.

  5. This is fun! Color psychology… Ohhhhh… You reminded me I have been going through an assignment on this topic during uni time.

  6. Lakwatserong Unggoy

    I had fun reading along your Dulux experience. Thank you for not just simply sharing your experience, but also for sharing some color combination tips. I always have second thought of repainting my room. Cause i felt my surrounding too old and i wanted some change. This will guide me for choosing the most appropriate color combinations 🙂

  7. Wow, I love that the Dulux app gives you a preview of the colored walls! Gives you a better picture of what your space will look like! Too bad the service isn’t available in my country. 🙁

  8. Wow this gave me a lot of ideas on how I should redecorate my room! Thanks so much for sharing. This also reminds me of my mood ring, where color changes according to your mood. Interesting topic!

  9. Great Post! Every apartment I lived in a painted minus the one I am in now because of strict rules. I also agree with the statement on how colors can effect your moods. I made the mistake of painting my bed room bright yellow and It was very hard to sleep. Its was really bright when the sun came in and energetic. I soon after painted it a berry color which was a tad bit better. I wish I would have did more research on the color to use. I also love the paint Dulux app it is very helpful. When I move into my house I will surely refer back to your post for guidance. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Wow, what an incredible way of finding the recommended colors for your room so that you make the best decision and achieve maximum satisfaction in the end of painting your personal space. I am a lover of pastel colors and totally agree with you on the final 4 choices that you get as recommended, as they perfectly match the whole atmosphere in the room. Dulux rocks!

  11. Beth - Musing Housewife

    I love this post! I’m decorating my house slowly but surely and while white is amazing and will work wonders in our house but I don’t really like the brightness of it!

  12. Wow, this would be very challenging for me. I have yet to discover my own artistic/creative self. So this is helpful for those who want to do some designing. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Tiffany! This was a very fun blog post! And that was a great app by Dulux! I also want to color my room as I’m getting bored with pure white. Thanks to this post for reminding me about the color wheel.

    However, I’ve tried searching if Dulux would be available here in the Philippines as I’ve never heard of the brand existing here but I’ve heard of this in my hometown since most of its product were from Australia. 🙁 I hope they’d be available here so it’s much easier to buy paint when I do my walls 🙂

    Good luck in winning the contest! 🙂

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