Crizal Prevencia Lens Put to Test

Crizal Prevencia: Just Another Marketing Gimmick?

How many times have we heard that a particular brand is great, that’s why it’s so expensive? Marketeers will know how customers are often paying for the advertising and branding fee rather than the product itself. So for someone who grew up wearing spectacles ever since I’m 7, I had received a fair share of sales talk which rarely worked.

Blind as a batBy the time I’m in University, I was blind as a bat. My myopia was over 700 degree, and objects are clear to me only if they are right in front of my nose. I grew up with the notion that one should not wear the prescriptive glasses for long hours as it will worsen your shortsightedness. Well, some optician might disagree but I am the best case study of someone who did not listen to mummy and became practically blind within 10 years.

Ever since my eyesight was corrected in 2009 through LASIK surgery, wearing spectacles become a fashion statement (to look nerdy or studious? Or even to act cute!) and it is more for novelty than necessity.

My Crizal Scepticism:

So when Elissor invited me to try out their new Crizal Prevencia Lens, I hesitate and wonder if I should “go against my conscience” and write an advertorial for them, you know, rave about them, list the benefits and tell the readers how good they are etc. I decided to reject the invitation as I don’t see myself wanting to wear a pair of glasses all day long.

I told this to my friend, whom instead of agreeing with me, gave me a piece of his mind. He questioned me why did I even judge something which I have not tried before. He then challenged me to put the product to test and write about it. Well, obviously, the challenge is accepted and that’s why I’m here writing about it!

My “Optical” Phobia

Crizal7From young, everyone remembered me as the nerdy looking (and now a nerd at heart) library-going girl who’s always seen with thick metal-framed glasses. My mum had been “brainwashing” me, telling me how ugly I look with glasses, well, if you look at my childhood photo, you will have to agree that she’s right. While others fear going to the dentist, I was terrified of the optometrist. It was an annual ritual, and my worst fear was hearing “Your eyesight has worsen, you need a new pair of glasses” from him (which was what I hear every year), as it will be followed by the death stare from my mother.

Crizal2So for the past 5 years, although I no longer have to visit the optician, the phobia is still there. Accepting this challenge also means I had to face my fear (Darn, shouldn’t have agreed so readily!) and get my eye sight checked. What heightened this fear was the increased frequency of me getting fatigued eyes lately, as I haven’t been exactly taking proper care of my eyes …

Crizal1So guess what is the results? My worst fear DID NOT Come true! (Victory Dance Hugga Shagga) Despite all my hours of looking at the computer to do my design work and editing, I managed to escape with perfect eyesight with only very slight astigmatism. Hurray! So now, fears aside, all I got to do is to try out the Crizal Prevencia Lens and see if it is truly what it claims to be!

Facts and Claims

Light is everywhere around us, be it from the sun or from artificial light sources. While we know UV rays are bad for our skin and eyes, recent research by Essilor and Paris Vision Institute had discovered that 2/3 of the Blue (visible) light is harmful to our eyes. This light spectrum increases the risk of gradual degeneration of retinal cells i.e. Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), the leading cause of blindness in industrialised countries. So this eye-straining and fatigue-causing Blue-Violet Light is found to be emitted on a higher rate by LED-based equipments (aka Smartphones, Tablets, Laptops, TV screens etc).
2014_03_05_Media HoursAccording to a report from Nielsen, an average American adult spends 11 hours per day with electronic media. So I decided to put up a simple diary record of my personal activities, to see the amount of time I spend on electronic media. On busy days with my various classes and activities, I spent approximately 6 hours on my iPhone and laptop. The hours go up to 10-15 hours a day on my blogging days. So given my frequent experience with eye-fatigue cases, I guess my eyes are ageing pretty quickly. (*Putting on Crizal Prevencia as I’m typing this…)

Just a brief introduction about Crizal, for the benefit of those who are new to this brand, it’s a lens brand under Essilor which offers protection from damaging UV rays, glare, scratches, smudges, dust and water. And the latest Crizal Prevencia provides something more: protection from the harmful Blue-Violet Light.
Crizal-PrevenciaIn short, just like how goggles protect our eyes under the water, Crizal Prevencia protect our eyes from the daily harmful light emitted from the sun and daily gadgets.

Putting Crizal Prevencia Lens to Test

So, after receiving my glasses, it is time to put some of the “claimed” qualities (of Crizal Prevencia Lens) to test.
comparison table CP

CLAIM: UV Protection
Technology: E-SPF 25 (Predecessors have lower E-SPF Protection)| Front and Back UV protection for long-term eye health, protect eyes 25 times more than from the damaging rays of the sun. Overexposure to UV rays can lead to cataracts.
Index 1.5: Crizal UV = 10, Crizal Easy = 5, Crizal Standard = 5

Tiffany’s Verdict: 
I can’t exactly prove that it has UV protection as UV ray is not something you can see or feel. Plus, mine has Transitions® which blocked out the UVA and UVB rays.

Crizal9CLAIM: Water Repellence
Technology: Slide FX™ Technology | Water droplets slide off lenses quickly without a trace. Water does not dry as stubborn spots
Tiffany’s Verdict: 
Indeed the water slide off immediately, and I left a mini droplet on the lens to see if it leaves any water stains. Happy to announce that my lenses are as clear as ever even after the droplet evaporated.

CLAIM: Dust Repellence
Technology: i-Technology™ | Anti-static properties repel dust and allow lenses to remain clean longer.
Tiffany’s Verdict: 
I can’t really prove how this works or how this is useful as none of my old spectacles did attract any dust after wiping clean. I tried putting the glasses out in the open air for a few days together with another pair of glasses, but I guess there wasn’t enough “dust” in my house to begin with.

Crizal11CLAIM: Blue-Violet Light Protection
Technology: Light Scan™ technology | By letting through essential visible light, including healthy blue light, filtering light selectively
Tiffany’s Verdict: 
So according to the optometrist, this violet reflection is supposed to be the “evidence” that the harmful blue-violet light is reflected while the good blue light is let in. I’m not the expert, but I will take that as That!

CLAIM: Scratch Resistance
Technology: Revolutionary SR Booster™ Technology | An anti-scratch guard is systematically integrated into all Crizal lenses. Crizal offer the highest scratch resistance in the market. However, this does not make Crizal lenses scratch proof. It is able to withstand daily wear and enhanced durability.
Tiffany’s Verdict: 
Well, I think it’s obvious I’m not going to try scratching my new pair of Crizal Prevencia and risk spoiling them! However, I realized that my previous pair of Glossi glasses used Crizal lenses too, and as I’ve given my mother that frame, so I used that extra pair of unused Crizal lenses for some experiment. I did a few test drops from my double-deck bed of a 1.7m height, the lens did not have any mark on them. But yet again, all my years of using glasses, I never had a problem of lens cracking, so I guess it will take more than accidental drop to scratch or break them! So far, so good, I guess?

Crizal10CLAIM: Smudge Resistance
Technology: Essilor’s proprietary High Surface Density™ (HSD) process | Easily wipe away fingerprints, dirt and oil, lenses easy to clean
Tiffany’s Verdict: 
Smudge Resistance does not mean it is smudge-free (or whatever you call it), but means that marks can be easily wiped away. So, indeed, they did not mean smudge-proof, but my fingerprints was wiped away after a few rubs using the fiber cloth provided by Nanyang Optical.

CLAIM: Anti-Reflective (AR) Efficiency /Glare Reduction
Technology: Enhanced Light Transmission™ (ELT) System | Provides safer and more comfortable night-time driving, lenses appear virtually invisible for an enhanced appearance, less eyestrain after extended computer use. Virtually reducing bothersome glare and visible reflections for the ultimate clarity of vision.
Tiffany’s Verdict: ✓✓✓ 
This is perhaps the most obvious change after using Crizal Lenses. For the past one month, every time I feel a strain in my eyes, I will put on the glasses, and the effect is almost instantaneous. In 2-3 minutes’ time, my eyes will be less strained and more comfortable looking at my computer screen. Definitely the very reason I get a pair of Crizal or Crizal Prenvencia!

Some Crizal Advice

Crizal4Now that I’m convinced with the lenses’ capabilities, I will hop on some other things I noted after wearing the glasses for about a month. I chose the Celine Dion frames which has nice, elegant design by the side, which I thought will be pretty cool for photo-shoots. However, I overlooked the weight of the frame and that it doesn’t have a nose pad. Because of the shape of my nose bridge (it’s too flat), the glasses keep sliding down due to weight and after a while, it leaves an imprint on my nose!

Perhaps I’m too used to my Glossi sunglasses’ light weight (also from Nanyang Optical: see my Glossi articles here), I will suggest that you should invest in a light-weight frame as Crizal Prevencia is meant for daily (protection) use.

If you are often going under the sun, you may want to opt for Transitions®  lens too as it can further help protect your eyes and sensitive skin from UV damage, doubling up as a shade whenever you are out.

Who Should Use Crizal Prevencia?

Crizal5Ok, totally irrelevant picture! Was trying to test out if the lenses are really Anti-Reflective! (What an excuse for posting a selfie! :P)

I will personally recommend this to all heavy gadget (computer, smartphones) users, but the most recommended age groups are actually children whose eyes are still developing (since parents often use digital devices to “silence” them) and adults over 45 years old as their eyes’ natural defence system is weakened over time and is more susceptible to the harmful effects of Blue-Violet light and UV rays.

Crizal Lens Maintenance Tips:

Since you’ve invested in a good pair of glasses, here’s a few tips for increasing your visual comfort and the lifespan of your lenses.
Crizal31) Keep your eyeglasses clean: It is a good idea to wipe your Crizal lenses often with a special microfiber cloth. However, if stubborn fingerprints or smudges persist, you can always wash your glasses with clear water and mild soap. Rinse well and dry gently with a smooth cloth. Avoid using rough paper and fabrics (shirttail, tie, etc.-I’m guilty of that!) as it might cause scratching, and stay away from ammonia-based cleaning products!

2) Always keep your lenses face up: By doing so, you will protect your lenses from potentially abrasive surfaces. Handle your eyeglasses by the nose bridge when placing them in their case.

3) Avoid contact with high temperatures: Ophthalmic lenses can be damaged when exposed to high temperatures. Consequently, avoid leaving your eyeglasses near an intensive heat source, like the dashboard of your car.

For more information about Crizal Prevencia Lens, check out the website here, and their latest promotion here!

tiffanyyong signature
*Disclosure: Prescriptive glasses were received with courtesy of Essilor, Nanyang Optical and The Good Folks. No monetary compensation was received for review.

About Essilor
Essilor is an ophthalmic optics company which designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of lenses to improve and protect eyesight. Its corporate mission is to enable everyone around the world to access lenses that meet his or her unique vision requirements.

To support this mission, the Company allocates more than €150 million to research and innovation every year, in a commitment to continuously bring new, more effective products to market. Essilor’s flagship brands are Varilux®, Crizal®, Xperio® and Optifog™. It also develops and markets equipment, instruments and services for eyecare professionals.
For more information, please visit

61 thoughts on “Crizal Prevencia Lens Put to Test”

  1. Hi! I ordered “crizal prevencia” with xtraactive transitions, but mine don’t have that blue purple color you mentioned in your article. You said your glasses also had transitions, but they still have the blue purple color? Does that mean mine are fake? When I asked the sales person they said it must be the transitions cutting it out, but now I’m not so sure. I paid for quality and I need these lens, but it’s so hard to tell if these eye stores are being authentic and have integrity.

    1. Hihi, I did this review some time back, so I have no idea if there was an improvement on the technology. Did you try checking with the company themselves? I don’t mean the sales person from the shop, but the Crizal Prevencia company

  2. Yulianto Tri Handono

    thanks to create this useful article..
    this article is worth reading.
    im going to buy this lens right now. 🙂

  3. Hello! Thanks for the review Tifanny. Was just wondering if the way you see colours change after wearing this. Does colours look different to you now? Are computer screens more yellow looking? And when wearing it in the sun outside, does it give off the purple tint u mentioned? Thanks in advance!

        1. The report you linked to broadly says the same things companies say.
          1) Blue light causes strain
          2) Blue light comes in the way of falling asleep.

          Prevencia marketing explains that they filter out blue-violet light (415-455nm) which causes strain and damage, but lets in blue-turquoise light (~480nm) which keeps you awake. So it reduces strain, and if you use it through the day, it won’t induce sleepiness.
          It is not meant to protect you from sleep disruption caused by sitting at a computer too long.

          The only difference I see is in the point of retinal damange. It says the Professor “believes” that blue light does not “appear to cause” retinal damage. Such wording is really weak. In comparison, Crizal shows two recent and rather convincing research papers showing that blue light does cause retinal damage. I would consider that more valuable than the unsubstantiated belief of some random professor.

  4. Hi, what are those most common normal clear basic Crizal lens that are sold in Singapore called? e.g. Crizal Forte, Advance, Alize, Easy…
    Usually the shop only say it is Crizal lens.

  5. Ranil from philippines

    My problem in Crizal Prevencia is the ‘LOGO’ in the lens not disappearing.
    At first it does appear in the lens, only just got notice when i wash my eyeglass, then after 1 or about 2 weeks the logo ‘Crizal’ is not disappearing even my lens is dry. Of course that could affect the eyesight like scratches in the lens. Did same happened to you?

  6. After using Crizal Prevencia for a few months, I find that it has more fine scratches and a lot more faster than my other no brand lens and other Hoya lens. I mean those fine scratches that will auto appear on all lens after the lens is used for a long time, not purposely or accidentally scratched by me. I only use spectacle cloth to clean it, and I take care of all my lenses the same way. Wondering if anyone feel the same.

    1. Hi jen, did u change ur prevencia lens to normal clear lens ? Does it bothering u with the yellowish and the purple reflection when facing the light. Did u use it for daily basis or only wear at work?

      I just changed to this lens, and wonder should i change back to normal lens. Confusing. Doesnot really know if this lens is suitable for daily use or not.

      1. I only use prevencia lens when using PC at home now since I make it already. Wear another pair normal clear lens when going out. Will not make prevencia again. The yellowish does not bother me, actually the yellowish makes the eye less tired because less glare.

  7. I have got my eye glasses switched to Prevenzia lens after reading many reviews online including this one. However, I am rather not used to the yellowish world after wearing it. It’s my everyday and full day glasses and my white car and my white furniture all now turned yellowish. Even in a rainy day, the color tone become warm instead cool white. All the marketing info that I have read about Prevenzia always highlights that the lens will appear clear seemed by others and this is true but what’s not highlighted is that the wearer will see everything in mild yellowish.

    It’s only my 2nd day wearing Prevenzia and I am not sure if I could get used to it or have to make another pair of glasses without it after some time.

    1. Did you finally get used to it? Or did you change back to non prevencia lens?

      Everything still look yellowish to you now?


      1. Hi Jen, I didn’t really use the prevencia glasses on a regular basis. When at home, everything is quite ok for me. And as mine has the transition lens too, it might not be obvious.

      2. Finally, I changed it to a separate glasses with prevencia used only at work. The rest of the time, I wear the other one with Transition.

        1. Did prevencia make you less tired/strained eyes at work? Your work requires you to look at computer screen whole day?


        2. @Tiffany and @Jen, I seldom wear the separate glasses with the prevencia lens nowadays, only keep it as spare glasses. Even though previously I thought I would use it for work, as it really reduced the strain on eyes, but I feel that it indirectly caused me overload my eyes. Normally when our eyes are strained or tired, it’s a signal that we should rest our eyes. But when my eyes felt less strained, it prolonged me to use my eyes even longer and more extensively without or less interval rests especially when I’m too concentrated on my work. This might be just due to my personal traits but just sharing.

  8. This was a well written and I enjoyed it very much. I’m looking at getting some new glasses and I am thinking about these. I am an old man and don’t know if I should spend the money on thing that may not yield any benefit to me. All glare is a problem to me. So I will take everything into consideration.

  9. Yes, all those hours we spent straining our eyes on tiny iPhone, iPad and PC screens, we really do need to have the best lens to protect our eyes. Check in to Better Vision Optical to have your eyes checked. ‪#‎eyecare‬ ‪#‎tips‬ ‪#‎healthy eyes‬

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  11. Hey Tiffany, this is a REALLY great post and I think you hit the nail on the head. First off, wow, you really did a very thorough job at stating the facts and not being totally opinionated, that is pretty rare. Secondly your experience with Crizal Prevencia is very similar to my personal experience and very similar to that of my patients. I practice optometry in San Diego, CA and I can’t tell you how pleased my patients are with these lenses. I prescribe them more than any other lens because so many of my patients are on the computer. In recent months I am getting patients asking about the lenses as well, so the word is out! I have done over a dozen lectures about the harmful effects of blue light so I appreciate you spreading the word about Prevencia. See ya! – Dr. Matt Geller O.D.

    p.s – here is an article I wrote about Crizal Prevencia.

  12. Hello Tiffany,

    You have a really nice review of the product!

    By the way, I just had a new pair of eyeglasses with Crizal Prevencia in it. I just noticed that the color seems to be yellowish with me wearing it. For example, the background of this page is pure white, it is yellowish with the new glasses on. But when I removed it, it is pure white.

    Are you experiencing the same?

    1. Hi Mark Andrew,

      Sorry for the delay in responding. I didn’t really noticed the yellowish tint until you told me and I went to get a closer look! So yes, I am experiencing the same thing! I’ve actually enquired with Crizal Prevencia directly for an advice from the experts. Here’s their response:

      The ‘yellow-ish’ tint is in fact intentional as it is one of the features that help filter out the harmful blue lights through the lenses. In additional, the ‘yellow-ish’ tint also has the effect of desaturating bright lights (i.e. Fluorescent lights, LED screens etc.) so that it doesn’t strain your eyes as much especially over a long period of time. However, if you do feel that the colour is way off, please kindly inform your optician about it and we will do our best to fix it if need be. 🙂

      1. Thank you, Tiffany!

        How about you, is the yellowish tint bothering you? Are you going to have your optician fix it?

        Thanks again and happy new year!! 🙂

        1. Likewise. I just thought my lenses are the only one having that yellowish tint haha. I am also using it most of the time since I am working as an IT guy and it works just fine. I also do have an alternate pair of glasses at home.

          Thank you so much Tiffany for answering my queries promptly.

          Thanks again!

    2. Hi Mark,

      Is the yellowish tint still bothering you?

      Did you change to other normal non previencia glasses when you are not doing IT work? Or do you use prevencia glasses to see everything with yellowish tint?

  13. Hey Tiffany…. I got my pair of these lenses too… But I’m really annoyed by the weird reflection of any light behind me on the side of the lenses… Do you face this problem too ?

    1. Are you still experiencing weird reflection of any light behind you on the side of the lenses?

      How did you solve that problem?


        1. What changes did they make for you? What can they do?

          I saw the prevencia sample and saw it was purplish for both sides. I can see the reflections of lights/ceiling lights on both sides of the lens. I guess both sides will appear purplish?

          I asked the optometrist what if prevencia is not suitable for me, she say have to replace the lens to non prevencia lens at full normal lens price. I am still considering if I should use prevencia.

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  15. I’m wearing glasses since my 3rd year in elementary school, not sure is this crizal prevencia lens available near here.
    As always, loving your very detail post with really interesting picture!

  16. I love reading your very details review, it is very useful for someone who still struggling with eyes problem like me >_< I also wear glasses since I was 9th, I considering to do lasik but still dont have a courage to do that, i will search crizal prevencia lens on my nearest optician. Thanks for this helpful post 🙂

  17. I have often wondered about this as we all spend so much time in front of electronic media. Your post is very informative. Thanks for sharing and all the best to you.

  18. I have also worn glasses since I was fourth grade. I was not happy to learn about the effect of those LED screens we see everyday. I will ask about this product when I have my eyes checked again. Thanks for the info. – Fred

  19. That was incredibly thorough! I don’t wear glasses now so I can’t relate to everything. I did wear them a long time ago, but that was just for my astigmatism. It’s good to note that after testing, you were finally convinced!

  20. First off what a great review Tiffany! I don’t think you left out one detail so thank you. I have worn glasses since I was about nine so I can totally relate to your optical phobia, LOL. I always hated to take my eye test and years later I wear the proverbial coke bottles (thank heavens for lenses that can be reduced to practically nothing!) I am always on the look out for the next best frame and lens so this will be added to the list!

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