41 thoughts on “Wechat Account Hijacked! Help!”

  1. WeChat, it’s China based. I don’t trust it. And I’m not surprised they never got back to you. My account got hacked too and I can’t reset the password or login. Customer Service isn’t doing anything so, I’m just going to report/file a complaint with the police and government. It’s not really even worth the time to use WeChat, LINE is better!

  2. Bo Chap. Its your fault lor. So many reports about scam and still never take any precautions. Once famous, most of your guards are down for ppl to attack.

  3. My WeChat account was hacked for many times by unknown hackers, and i’ve tried everything to solve the problem. Even if i create a new WeChat account, with different phone numbers, but my account is still hacked as well. Now, i don’t even know what to do with my WeChat account

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  28. It is probably for the best that you had a police report done, it might not help getting back your account but at least you stated the case like you said to be distant from any fraud incidents. I don’t use wechat but I’d say keep on contacting their support team till they respond.

  29. Oh no! I wonder how that sh*t happened. She’s a great geek if she really hacked your ID on purpose.

  30. I’ve been to this kind of a scenario. My FB account was hacked for almost 3 months, he didn’t ask money, what he do is to update my status all the time…I mean almost everyday. I call the attention of the FB ADMIN to investigate my case. And they comply and given me procedures on what to do in order to retrieve my account. That’s good be conscious and TRUST NO ONE! Even your friend ….. 🙂

  31. This is scary. It is good that you made precautions and protected yourself with the police report. I had a scare last week when I cannot access my yahoo account. Turns out it was some Yahoo glitch. (Kat Centeno)

  32. I have heard about these incidents today morning. Sound they are widening their area. Sigh. Be careful people.

  33. had been using wechat before but when i heard that its a chinese made app, i just deleted it. not because of “chinese” thing but because of threat and security of using china made app.

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