[New in Town] Ginza Calla: Japan’s Hair Removal Specialist

Experiencing the “Ginza Calla” Japanese Hair Removal Treatment

Ginza Calla Tiffany Yong When I first heard about Ginza Calla, my first thought was “???”, and when I first visited Ginza Calla just few days back at the new wing in Plaza Singapura, it was still “???”. On the outside, you won’t be able to tell what Ginza Calla specialised in. It looked like a small section of the Princess’s vanity department instead of the usual Japanese clean “clinical” look. And according to the manager, this is the impression the founder hope to give customers. Ginza Calla 1When I got the staff to take a picture for me at the entrance, it made me look and feel like a princess with the glamourous and twinkling door! Appearance aside, Ginza Calla is actually an established Japanese Hair Removal Specialist with over 21 years of experience in the industry, with 35 stores that span across Japan, Shanghai and Hong Kong.

I was kinda skeptical about the service when my friend, Hui Ting, first introduced me the brand. I have tried quite a few IPL services, from beauty salons to specialised hair removal store, and so far, there were almost none that could convince me to purchase their packaged services. I even have friends who purchased packages from other Japanese Hair Removal Salons and had bad service + post-treatment experiences with them. So with the few giant competing Japanese Hair Removal Store in Singapore, what makes the new-kid-in-town “Ginza Calla” so special or different from the other salons?

My Ginza Calla Experience

Ginza Calla 2I had a detailed consultation with the specialist, and was prepared to go for a full body IPL session when I was informed that it will take more than 4 hours for the whole body! I was shocked as ALL my previous experiences had been “chop-chop-done”, a underarm session shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes! As I was rushing off to see my ALL-TIME favourite idol, I decided to go for underarm, lower legs and Hollywood Brazilian IPL (meaning everything!). Ginza Calla chart

The Ginza Calla Difference

Ginza Calla 3After changing into the robe, I was asked to put on this ultraman-green eye shield to protect my eyes against the light waves, which I thought made me look like Ultra-woman! Ginza Calla 4Many of the IPL treatments I’ve experienced previously are usually done within a very short time. I did a quick step-chart to tell you the difference between Ginza Calla’s IPL session as compared to the other beauty salons and Japanese Hair Removal Salons I’ve been to. Besides the difference in the number of steps taken for the IPL treatment, there are three main differentiating factors, out of which two of them are my favourite part of the treatment! Ginza Calla 51. Ginza Calla IPL Machine

The IPL Machine is developed in-house and sends out 5 pulses of light each time, as compared to the usual 3 pulses of light. Besides that, as our hair thickness varies at different parts of the body, the specialist uses different strength so that the optimal results can be achieved without harming the skin. Well, I won’t say this is my favourite right now, as it takes a few weeks or months to see the results, however, the contact point of the machine is much smaller compared to competitor’s machine, and the treatment was so…. painless that I fell asleep by then time the specialist started working on the second part.

2. Moisture-Retaining Programme: Bihada Junbi
Baby skin is something every women hope to achieve, and the secret to that is hydration. IPL will dry up our skin, it is very important to keep our skin nourished. Ginza Calla has this moisture retaining programme which is my favourite part of the treatment. Ginza Calla 7The secret behind this programme is the product called the Bihada Junbi 美肌潤美 Lotion co-developed with dermatologist. As seen above, this Ginza Calla’s special liquid has ingredients which retains moisture and locks them in. This lotion is applied on to our skin in two ways. One in the form of Mist Shower and another in the normal liquid application. Ginza Calla 6As compared to other hair removal companies which only apply after-skin care product(s) to the surface layer of the treated skin, the Mist Shower is a high pressured jet spray which will deliver the Bihada Junbi 美肌潤美 Lotion to the deeper layers of the skin (moisture retention of 95 percent). It also help settle the temperature of my skin and keep them baby soft! Ginza Calla 83. Bihada Junbi 美肌潤美 Lotion Ginza Calla 9As the last step of every IPL treatment, the Bihada Junbi 美肌潤美 Lotion is applied once more on the surface to keep the skin moisturised. The lotion cost $25 per bottle, but if you sign up on the day of your consultation, you will get one complimentary bottle (good deal right?)

Do You Know? IPL does not work on all hair colours or all skin types. Customers with very tan or dark skin, or with very light-coloured hair, or red hair, are usually not suitable for IPL as fair hair may not respond to the light, and darker skin is prone to absorbing too much light due to the high concentration of pigment, making it unsuitable.


Does the Bihada Junbi 美肌潤美 Lotion Really Work?

If you have read till this part, and are wondering if the Ginza Calla’s lotion can be replaced by any other moisturisers found in the local drug store (since they all moisturizes and there shouldn’t be anything special right?).

Well, I thought so too, until what happened next… So after my treatment, I quickly rush off to the filming set where Jimmy Lin Zhi Ying 林志颖 was filming a short film for Singapore Tourism Board. He is my idol for more than 14 years, and this being the first time that I finally get to meet him in person, I was super duper excited!


How is this related to the IPL treatment?

Well, I had to wait under the hot sun for nearly 5 hours before finally meeting him, and look at what I was wearing? Long sleeve stop in jeans! It was a total torture. I was drench in perspiration and by the time I reached home, I’ve almost forgotten about my IPL treatment! The parts where I received treatment (such as underarms and bikini line) will usually itch after shaving, especially when I perspire. But I didn’t have a teeny weeny bit of itchy sensation after so long. I thought my sweat would have “washed off” all the lotion by the time I reached my third hour or so. Yes, I’m very impressed by then!

The Very Reason Why YOU Should Choose Ginza Calla

ginza calla promo This IPL treatment was truly something different and what’s more, there’s an opening special for everyone! To celebrate the launch of Ginza Calla in Singapore, a special limited-time promotion for 3 sessions of lower arm and lower leg hair removal now cost only $40! That’s 2 prominent Large parts! Other hair removal courses are also offering up to a massive 35 percent discount.

The special promotion ends on 30th June 2014 (1 month left)! Besides that, Unlimited sessions for underarm treatment or v line (bikini) area now cost $40 ONLY! (limited time)

Remember! If you sign up on the day you come in for your consultation, you will receive a free “美肌潤美 BIHADA-JUNBI” lotion (worth $25) that will moisturize your skin from within by Ginza Calla!

Where’s Ginza Calla

Nearest Train Station: Dhoby Ghaut
Tel: +65-6238-8850
Facebook: Ginza Calla Singapore
Opening Hour: 11:00 ~ 21:00 (日本語のお問い合わせも受け付けております。)


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12 thoughts on “[New in Town] Ginza Calla: Japan’s Hair Removal Specialist”

  1. Hi Tiffany, may I know how much do you spend for 1 time full body IPL? And how many sessions do you need to do to completely remove all hair?

    1. Hi Lollipop, depending on the Promotion at that time, the rates will vary.
      I went for the underarm, lower legs and Hollywood Brazilian IPL and didn’t try the full body.
      Also, the consultant mentioned that the number of sessions each person require varies according to their skin.
      Sorry that I couldn’t answer your question! Why don’t you try calling them to enquire (+65-6238-8850) instead? Ginza Calla has free consultation!

  2. Justin Buenagua

    you look so pretty!! and I have so much fun reading the post especially with your photos.. so kawaii! 🙂

  3. mrslookinggood

    I’ve never heard of Ginza Calla, thank you for introducing it to us. My friend who is also based in Singapore goes for the traditional laser hair removal and she has to go numerous times unlike Ginza where it’s only one time big time process.

    LOL on inserting Ultra-woman jpg on your photo, I was totally not expecting that. And since I had no idea who Jimmy is, I thought he was your boyfriend who waited for you after your IPL session!

    – Karen

  4. It would be great if they come up with some alternative for darker skin tone. It seems to be a good solution for white skin tone though. Also its good to see that they are taking precautions to protect eyes from light waves.

  5. IPL does seem like a great alternative especially if you cant seem to envision a lifetime of shaving and/or waxing. Unfortunately as you mentioned it does not really work on people with darker skin tones… so it’s back to the basics for me at least for now.

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