Francisca Dessert Parlour Review

Francisca Dessert Parlour: Step into Wonderland for a Rest

To me, afternoon tea (commonly known as high-tea) has always been something expensive, exquisite but redundant. Beautiful and photo-worthy desserts that will only make me feel guilty with all the calories. Here in Francisca Dessert Parlour, the beautiful founder had changed my perception about the delicate desserts.

boss of Francisca Dessert
Founder and boss of Francisca Dessert

Together with Juliana (, Miss Rusty (, Ms Colleen Francisca-Mason (winner of Miss Singapore World 2006, Mrs Singapore World 2008 and the first runner-up for Mrs World 2008) and her (equally gorgeous) sister, I had a quick tour around the Dessert Parlour named after the sisters.

Around Francisca Dessert Parlour

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Located on the second floor of Millenia Walk, the Dessert Parlour seemed surreal. It was decorated with David Delamare’s art pieces which depicts different parts of the Alice in Wonderland, and it was fun to spend some time discovering the little details in each art piece.

A chat with the beauties

What we had?

So we were served the tea set (for 2) which looked very delicate and pretty! I was feeling under dressed by the time the tea set arrived.

Francisca High tea
Afternoon tea at just $18.50.

Do you know that the commonly known high-tea is actually low tea (aka afternoon noon) instead?

Afternoon tea or Low-tea involves things like manners, lace and dainty foods. It is typically served in the mid-afternoon and it was traditionally served on low tables, hence its two names. Francisca Tea Set

Afternoon tea originated from once upon a time, a Duchess found herself with a “sinking feeling” (most probably fatigue from hunger during the long wait between meals) and decided to have some friends over for assorted snacks and tea (a very fashionable drink at the time). The idea of an afternoon tea gathering spread across high society and became a favorite pastime of ladies of leisure.

Francisca Tea set

Later, it spread beyond the highest echelons of society and became more accessible for some other socioeconomic groups. Historically, afternoon tea was considered to be a ladies’ social occasion, and it is more often enjoyed by women than men to this day.

Francisca Tea

Whereas the term high-tea traditionally refers to a working class meal served on a high table at the end of the workday, shortly after five PM. It was a heavy meal of meat dishes, fish dishes, baked goods, vegetables, and other heavy foods. High tea was much more of a working class family meal than it was an elite social gathering.

Francisca Tea Set

The Francisca tea-set consist of bite-size sandwiches, waffles, mini cupcakes, macaroons and chocolates. There are three types of sandwiches: egg mayo, prawn mayo and cucumber mayo. The prawn mayo sandwich was the one which gave me a surprise. Juicy, whole prawns with mayo and bread filled one’s stomach without feeling overly-sinful.

Francisca cupcakes
Moist cupcake

One of the must-try is their cupcakes. I was never a fan of cupcakes, but Francisca’s cupcakes were moist and flavourful. I liked how it wasn’t very sweet, and it doesn’t crumble when I ate it with a fork. The small portion lessened my guilt, making this indulgence wonderful.

These exquisite cupcakes are baked daily and personally by the former Miss Singapore World, yes, in her pretty clothes and beautiful hair. I truly wonder how she managed that.

Francisca Special Tea Set is available for $18.50.

Francisca Ice cream
A bit of everything

Don’t ask me which is which, but some of the *Must-Try” italian gelato served there are sakura, lychee raspberry and mango! These are the few flavours that gave me a surprise. I mean dark chocolate, banana chocolate chunks, snickers and cookies and cream are also delicious if you are a chocolate lover.

Like the Art?

If you like the art, they might be available for sale soon!

Francisca Dessert Parlour
David Delamare’s paintings

David Delamare

Francisca Dessert Parlour
Parco P2-35/36 Millenia Walk 9 Raffles Boulevard Singapore 039596
Tel: 6333 4847

Do visit and like Francisca Dessert Parlour Facebook Page for more updates about their delectable tea sets.
Twitter: @FranciscaDesser (without the T!)

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  1. Great review! We are hear at the David Delamare art studio in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A.. We’ve never been able to visit the dessert parlour, but long for the beautiful desserts from afar.

    We have exciting news. The Wonderland images that appear on the walls of the dessert parlour (and many others) will now be available in a deluxe book, with the original Lewis Carroll text. They can be pre-ordered now at .

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