Sylvia Skin Atelier: Skin Restoration Facial Review

sylvia skin atelier

Be Acne Free 3: Clearing deep set acne and scars with Sylvia Skin Atelier

This is the third instalment of my journey in search of solution to my acne prone skin. This time, I’m using facial to help speed up the process! You will be seeing ALOT of pimply and unedited photos, so don’t be too shocked to see the original state of my skin, because I’m so happy to tell everyone, it’s finally getting better.

Before I went to Sylvia Skin Atelier, I would not dare to leave the house without make up. The more pimples, the thicker my make up. Yes, I know that it was bad for my skin, but HOW CAN I FACE THE WORLD with such bad skin? I guess this is something most girls suffering from acne feel too- the insecurity, lack of confidence and depression from the ugly red bumps on our faces. So here I am, sharing these experiences, to tell you, You Are Not Alone!

My Original State

Below is the close-up photos of my left and right face after removing the thick slab of make-up. You can see that that are many little red marks which are scars from the previous breakouts and have yet to heal, and the big bumps which are the current acne.

sylvia skin atelier
Clogged Pores and big acnes
acne skin
Scars and Pitted marks 🙁

The Facial Process

Hazel, Sylvia Skin Atelier’s manager and my beautician told me that the current state of my face is between a mild and serious case of acne breakouts (which means if I don’t solve it sooner, it’s going to get worse!) She recommended me the Glycolic peel facial to lighten my scars and treat my acne.

However, my skin will temporarily be more sensitive to the sun. Sunblock? Nope, it’s actually bad for skin as the sunblock will block my pores too. So what I need to do is to put very thin layer of sunscreen and stay away from the sun whenever possible.

Distinct Differences in Handling and Use of Equipments

sylvia skin atelier
Sterilizing, Disinfecting, Disposable brushes

I took a look at the equipments Hazel used before starting my facial. All the extraction equipments were either brand new (aka disposable so it’s not just for me!) or went through double sterilization.

For Glycolic peel, a brush is used to apply the liquid on the face before extraction, which means there might be bacteria on the brush after application. Even when cleaned thoroughly, there is still a risk of bacteria spreading to other customers if the brushes are reused. Thus, for hygiene purposes, Sylvia Skin Atelier uses a disposable brush instead. The cleaning towels are also used once and thrown away.

After every use, the equipments like the picking tool will be cleaned and sterilized before being kept in an sterilized (UV) box. And before every use, the equipments are also disinfected again to ensure they are absolutely clean!

Products used

Products used on my skin

For my acne-prone skin, Hazel used the Exuviance products for my skin. Unlike many salons which will use generic bottles (so that the customers won’t know what products they use), Sylvia Skin Atelier is very open about the products, so that customers can research or google on the products to know more. 🙂


Most people HATED this part of the facial, but I love it! I know it is painful for those with low pain tolerance, but NO PAIN NO GAIN! And guess what, Hazel uses a special picking tool instead of the usual Comedone Extractor (which always leave ugly and lasting marks on my face). This picking tool is gentler and less painful on the skin. It is the first time I see a beauty salon using it. Trust me, I have gone to SO MANY Facial salons before I became a blogger and you wouldn’t want to know what I went through.

Hazel told me that she wouldn’t do much extraction the first time so as to gauge how my skin react with the treatment. But take a look at the extraction below!


This is definitely NOT a little! She actually did a very thorough and almost painless extraction!

After First Facial

sylvia skin atelier
Icky Pust removed!
acne prone skin
Felt sooo much lighter!

If you compare my face Before and After, the words to describe the photos LOADED and UNLOADED! I felt so much lighter (literary) and no more angry bumps on my face! Hazel and Sylvia said that for faster recovery, I should not be putting any make up as my face is quite raw after the chemical peel. At that moment, I really want to give a horrified face as I had a photo shoot in just 5 days’ time. I told them that I will minimise the usage and only used it during the photoshoot.

BEFORE my Second Facial

Old habits die hard, and I suffered the consequences in the end. I actually continued using make up, with the same OLD excuses- It’s really DIFFICULT for me to attend events Without Make Up and showing people my raw face! So see what I got!

sylvia skin atelier
A few popped back up again
acne skin facial
Better than my initial stage though

Although it’s so much better than my initial face, there were still a few obvious bumps here and there.

AFTER the Second Facial

facial extraction
Deeper and more extraction this time
sylvia skin atelier facial
Manager warn me not to PUT make up anymore!

I was determined for my face to get better, thus I decided to listen to them. I threw away my 2-way cake, my BB cream, my concealer so that I wouldn’t be tempted to use them again. Before I threw them away, Sylvia went through a make-up bag check for me, and to my horror, they are ALL not suitable for my skin!  The images below are evidences!

On the Third Appointment/Week

This would be what I got on my second appointment IF I had been a good girl and listen to Hazel’s and Sylvia’s advice. This is the POWER of Make UP! It can conceal but worsen an acne-prone skin!

sylvia skin atelier
No more breakouts
acne facial
Marks lighten

I was actually quite glad that I had the above results in just 2-3 weeks. If you are wondering if it means that I have to be in the public with a red and blemished face for some time, NOPE! (sigh of relief~) Sylvia knew how difficult it will be to be showing a blemished skin, so she introduced some products and taught me a few make up tips so that I can still turn up at events with a presentable face! (I will be sharing them in my next post!)

The Results in Just 2 weeks

sylvia skin atelier
Right Side Comparison
Sylvia Skin Atelier
Left Side Comparison

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Sylvia Skin Atelier

Next entry: I will be sharing the cleansing products I’m using for my acne-prone skin and some beauty tips Sylvia taught me!

Click here to know more about Sylvia Yeo (the founder) and Sylvia Skin Atelier.

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Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products and services were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are genuine and honest. Also note that all sources, information, content, links are valid to change at any time.

31 thoughts on “Sylvia Skin Atelier: Skin Restoration Facial Review”

  1. Does the treatment help with cystic acne too? have been taking oratane for around 3 months now but it does not seems to help. My face is not oily anymore due to the medicine but I am still having breakouts and scars seems to be getting worse too.

    1. Hi Johnathan,

      I’m sorry to hear that! As this review and experience with Sylvia Skin Atelier was done several years ago, I won’t be able to guarantee any results as it all depends on the type of products they are currently using as well as the therapist! If the therapist who worked on my case is still around, there’s a chance it might help. Do try to call them for a consultation before making any decision!

      Depending on your financial situation and beliefs, I have also tried TCM (which means you gotta stop oratane!), Clifford Aesthetic Treatment as well as a home-based facial located in Jurong. I have yet to review the last one but it has proved to be one of the most effective so far~ Do reply if you wish to know more! 🙂

      Otherwise, good luck!

      1. Thanks for the reply.
        Looking for fast and effective treatment without much down time. Are u saying the home based treatment is the most effective for u?

        1. Hi Johnnathan,

          Yes, I would say so! Will try my very best to rush out the review soon! Otherwise, it will be good if you wish to go ahead and experience yourself (prolly within 1-4 times you can see visible difference!)

        2. Hi Tiffany, wanted to try out slyvia but for some reason, I can’t seem to get through to them. Left my details and tried calling in but to no avail. Thinking of trying the q switch treatment from your other review since it is quite near my office. Any pros and cons from the treatment to share?

  2. I’m also suffering from acne but not on the cheeks, more on the chin and it’s really embarrassing so I totally understand when you said it’s hard to not put make-up on especially if you have all these acne.

    Acne really has a way of making our self-esteem go down. Good that you shared Sylvia Skin Atelier. My friend’s sister has the same case as yours (on the cheeks) and if only they are available here in the Philippines, I’d recommend them to my friend.

    Looking forward your next post about the results. 🙂

  3. Karen of MrsLookingGood

    I admire your bravery for talking about a delicate and difficult subject and one that you also suffered from. You’re helping a lot of folks by sharing and documenting your journey Tiffany.

  4. The progress was really impressive. I hope I can be successful too with my pursuit to clear my skin. I don’t have acne but I have lots of milia/ whiteheads on my face and the dermatologists said it will keep coming back.

  5. They must be really good since your skin now is so clear but didnt it make your skin more sensitive? I was scared looking at the alcohol there but anyhoo your skin looks super healthy now

  6. That is an amazing job. I can only imagine how delicate and sensitive the skin must have been. The improvement is fantastic. 🙂

  7. Can’t believe that is you in those photos. You are so brave to share your acne pics. Important thing there is you are OK now, with flawless facial skin.

  8. I can completely understand your affinity towards makeup with that skin problem. Glad this skin treatment is working for you.. wishing for beautiful, flawless skin for you!

  9. I have never had acne but I have heard from my friends that it is very persistent and it is hard to get rid of it, so I am glad these procedures turned out effective.

  10. Fighting acne is no easy task and it takes a lot of discipline to go out without makeup! Looks like your perseverance is paying off!

  11. Brave post I should say the before pictures are really challenging to show. But great job! I think the product worked for what it should be. I’m blessed though to have no problems with acne, or atleast not severe. I haven’t experienced any facials ever yet. I’ve just been using normal soap and water to cleanse my face every time. But I’ve knowns some friends who might want to have these types of services.

  12. Acne really sucks, and it’s even worse when you’re an adult with acne. I had it when I was growing up and it was a nightmare! This skin treatment looks really good, and the results are amazing. I’m glad you posted about them!

  13. Hi Tiffany

    Thanks for getting back so fast (:

    I was actually walking to Sylvia Skin Atelier when your mail came in. Decided to just go there for a consult first. Unfortunately, Sylvia is away till next week. Hazel was there and she was the one who did a consultation for me. She mentioned too that you’re under her. She advised me to do the treatment after the dinners, so that’ll have to be next week.

    How did you managed to pluck up the courage to eventually head out without any makeup? I’ve been struggling with that for years and I could never bring myself to do so.


    1. It’s difficult but I try my best by reducing the makeup. You can ask Sylvia to take a look at your makeup bag and see what cosmetics are not suitable for you. She knows sometimes it’s not possible to go without makeup, so she will teach you how to reduce it or use certain products which won’t worsen it.

      I’m using Laurier mercier concealer which Sylvia introduced to me and it’s good so far.

      Hope it helps!

  14. Hi Tiffany!

    I’ve read perhaps, all of your posts on Sylvia Skin Atelier. I’m actually truly inspired by your journey from acne prone skin to clear skin. I don’t have any severe acne problem, but I do have a bad skin condition. One which no dermatologist have seem to be able to help, and I’m not one who’s keen on taking so many medications just for good skin. I too am going through the problem where I can’t seem to face the world without any makeup, and quite honestly, it’s only my boyfriend who sees me without it. I’m really getting sick and tired of putting make up all the time just to head out and face people and to try and have a good time. I’ve been mocked at for horrible complexion, it’s really stripped away all of my confidence. I’ve never really shared this with anybody else apart from my boyfriend.

    I was thinking of going down to Sylvia Skin Atelier for an appointment today, as I stay really nearby, but I have to be out tomorrow, and dinner on Sunday, and another dinner next week, which means more make up. Do you have any tips on what I should do and how to go about this? Should I quickly get consulted at Sylvia’s, or should I wait till my dinners are done and approach them next week?

    It’ll be good to hear from you. Appreciate your time reading this. Thanks!


    1. Hi SES, since you live nearby, it will be good to visit Sylvia, but let her know about your appointments.
      I will suggest to have your treatments after your dinners, unless stated otherwise by Sylvia!
      Hope this helps!

  15. The following is a sample of some of our signature services extracted from our services menu. For our full range of skincare and beauty services, come on down to Sylvia Skin Atelier, have a chat with our Beauty Consultants, and we will be able to design and customise a solution that suits your needs.

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