GLossi Sunglasses: Reflect Your Confident Personality

So how Glossi are YOU?

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I was always the girl-next-door, never a glamorous diva that people take a second look. During my Glossi photo shoot with Zhiyong, he suggested a cool and confident look. I was surprised, because that’s something I’ve always wanted to try but could never pull it off.

Glossi Sunglasses is really dynamic, you can wear it to the overseas trip (I wore it on my Brunei Trip! ), you can wear it whenever you are out! Glossi Sunglasses gave me more confidence when I’m out, and sometimes, I can even skip my eye makeup! So here’s some features why Glossi is so unique:

Glossi Eyewear Unique Features

glossi sunglass
Patented Hinge-Locking Technique

With the frame front hand-stitched to the top bar of a different color using elastic nylon string, this patented hinge-locking technique give flexibility and cushioning to the opening and closing of the temple.

Glossi Eyewear Unique NCP
Unique Nylon Compound

Instead of the conventional Acetate or Titanium, Glossi uses unique NCP™ (Nylon Compound) which adds extra shine to the frame front! This feature definitely make the wearer an eye-turner. 😛

Glossi Sunglass Tiffany Yong
Exclusive Patterned Designs

Unique coating is applied to the frame-front to create reflective patterns and colours on the frame, giving it a contrasting look and exclusive design which no other competitors have!

Sporty or Superstar: It’s Your Choice

Friends who know me might find me a little odd in the first two photos. But there’s always a first time!  With a pair of Glossi Sunglasses, anyone can easily pull off a sporty or superstar look! Strategy? Have fun and See the FUN!

Glossi Eyewear is available for sale at

all Nanyang Optical Outlets
nanyang optical

For more varieties, check out or Glossi Eyewear Facebook Page
Special Thanks to Zhiyong from Kozy Studio for the wonderful photoshoot!

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