Glossi Eyewear: Reflect Your Lifestyle

What’s Your Glossi Style?

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OMY, I’m one of the finalists of the Singapore Blog Awards 2013 Glossi Best Modelling Blog! This is the last category I thought I would get in, but here I am! When I first took a look at the Glossi Eyewear website, I was shocked by the style of spectacles they have! It’s so… ME and NOT ME.

My usual style is to go basic and simple, so the bright and vibrant style really made me wonder if I can carry it off. BUT, when I finally visited the Nanyang Optical shop, I was spoilt for choices. Every pair gives me a different look and different style!

First Impressions are Lasting Impressions.

When you meet someone, the face is usually what people look at. So besides makeup, the accessory we wear on our face is the next most important thing. It is able to decide what kind of first impression you wish to portray.

For me, I’ve ditched spectacles as a form of vision aid 3 years ago when I went for lasik. But now, glasses is also a form of accessory. Spectacles allow you to express your personality and emphasize your style!

Glossi Eyewear Singapore
What’s Your Style?

What’s Special About Glossi Eyewear

Everyone has different “faces”, or should I say roles in life. You can be an employee, an entrepreneur, a daughter/son, a mother, a girlfriend. For me, I love acting but my petite height and size limits what I can act. So, I try to broaden my age range and look by using outfits. But working with Glossi Eyewear makes me realise something. It is like an outfit. I CAN look different with just the spectacles alone!

So here’s some different looks I came up with, just with some of the Glossi Range.

I’m a Stylish Glossi Corporate Lady

glossi eyewear spectacles
Corporate Eyewear

If you want to look formal, presentable and trustworthy, here’s how you can do so. With just the above spectacles, I can look like a great business partner, an OL, or even a strict teacher with just a change of outfit.
Goes well with: Corporate/Formal wear, Smart Casual

I’m a Happy Glossi School Girl

glossi eyewear spectacles
Schoolgirl Style

Guess how many colours are there on my glasses? With every slight tilt, the dual color combination creates a third visual dimension to the eyewear with unique see-through overlapping color effects at the top bar. Glossi is a fun, fashionable eyewear that will appeal to the young at heart.
Goes well with: schoolgirl, youthful and cutesy outfits

I’m a Quirky Glossi Geek

Glossi Eyewear tiffany yong
Fun and Quirky

Want to look nerdy? Geeky? Quirky? or even be a Harry Potter for the day? The moment I put on this pair of Glossi, I was searching for my wand. This pair of glasses brings an additional twinge of fun to the clothes you wear!
Goes well with: contemporary or indie fashions

Glossi Eyewear is available for sale at

all Nanyang Optical Outlets
nanyang optical

For more varieties, check out or Glossi Eyewear Facebook Page
Special Thanks to Zhiyong from Kozy Studio for the wonderful photoshoot!

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