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Bonia fashion launch

Getting Inspired by BONIA

Here’s a short little post in hope to be able to “inspire” my readers and get them to help me like my instagram photos! So Bonia is having a instagram contest where visitors take a photo of themselves together with a BONIA product in the pop-up store that inspires them and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #BONIA39.

Initially, I wasn’t even thinking about joining this contest until my dear friend Priscilla aka Pingerrain “inspired” me to join. She was hoping that it could be a travelogue trip for both of us, and perhaps we could even discover the inspiration behind some of BONIA’s designs (Afterall, their chief designer, Mr Gaetano de Franceschi is from Italy)

pingerrain tiffany yong
That’s me and pingerrain at the BONIA event!

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tiffany yong
Click and like please! Just by looking at #bonia39 luggage bag makes me wanna go on a holiday! Bye @boniafashion, I’m ready to fly with matching bag and hair!

I missed out these luggage bags during the launch party as I was overwhelmed by seeing Sonia Sui (I guess!). When I went back to the Pop-Up Store again, I really feel like going on a holiday the moment my hands touch the handle of the luggage bag! The wheels were so smooth, not bumpy like my old luggage. dreaming in progress Milan… Italy… Guys… Holidays~

tiffany yong
Go like! (Latest!) Who says you can’t go casual with #bonia39 bags? I can be sporty and trendy at the same time!

I took this just yesterday after having yoga with Bubbamama . Perspiring and happy after a quick workout, I had a sudden thought. Everyone wear and look formal/ glamourous with BONIA. But do we really have to wear that? Inspired, I quickly asked the sales assistant to help find a bag where it is suitable for casual occasion. Here it is! So go like it ok? 🙂

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Don’t wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. -Orison Swett Marden A good #bonia39 bag like this gives me the confidence to seize the day!

I am really a fashion-idiot, so I usually go for the safest one to two tone dressing style (Meaning 1-2 colours). So dressed in this delilaroselabel gown, I was carrying an old bag (as I was rushing off! No time to change bag. Ok, excuses, I’m just lazy) I really like the colour, look at the pumps and bracelet designed by the Raffles Design Institute students! They are simple matching. BONIA’s smart enough to put only 1 of the pumps out, if not, I might just wear them and parade around!

bonia pingerrain tiffany yong
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Priscilla: the roses and the orange gave me a mental picture of having a glass of wine on a balcony in the late August afternoon sun at my favourite winery in Tuscany..
Me: My favourite pink clutch bag. Elegant and classy. Something I’m trying to be! Inspired?

As someone who like to bring a big bag and throw everything in, this pink clutch definitely forces inspires me to bring only the most important and necessary items! How many times have you carried a big bag out and back home without touching a single thing inside (except perhaps your wallet and phone)?
With this, you won’t look like a busy bee!

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Priscilla: Their interpretation of surrealism on the earrings makes me think of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra!
Tiffany: I am inspired to be a model!

Haha… Guess what, by the time I took this photo, my camwhoring mode was on. Perhaps I was too inspired by the fashion show, models strutting down the stage. Perhaps Bonia can do one next time for short Asian Girls?

bonia fashion
One last one! Really! Go like!
I love big bags but how to look glamorous at a party? Inspired by #bonia39 I choose a one-tone style to look #pretty @boniafashion

Darker coloured bags don’t get dirty easily. Or should I say, the dirt doesn’t show as fast and obvious compared to lighter-coloured bag. So this bag is definitely good to be my all-purpose (throw-everything-in) bag!

OK. That’s all! Hope I had somehow inspired you guys! haha… Do feel free to provide me with feedback, be it from the comment section below or my instagram 🙂 Get your friends to “like” my photos too! K? Muah muah!

More Camwhoring Modelling Photos

Bonia fashion launch
bonia fashion show
We are fashionista!
bonia fashion
Say cheese~

Just some showing-off 😛

Ok, don’t hate me, but I’m really so lucky to be taking photos with some of the really cool and friendly celebrities. Some day, I hope to be like them too. Though I know I can never catch up with the Height part. LOL.

Bobby Tonelli
Bobby Tonelli and me~
Jack Neo
Jack Neo and me~
Irene Ang
Of course, not to forget Irene Ang!

Ok, perhaps I shouldn’t have done that. Don’t be jealous, be inspired! Ok? Plus, remember to help me like those photos! Every like counts! (I am starting to sound like those charity shows!)

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