Guide to using and drinking Love Vinegar 爱吃醋

love vinegar

Get Pretty, Healthy and Slim with Love Vinegar 爱吃醋

Do you have irregular menses? Do you have difficulty slimming down? Do you need something for hangover? Here’s something I discover online that might help you! I love Taiwan, because all my idols, Jimmy Lin, Ruby Lin, Fahrenheit are from Taiwan! Haha, not only that, Taiwan has loads of organic and healthy food, and Love Vinegar is one of them!

love vinegar
It is a vinegar brand from Taiwan, Hualien, made with mountain spring water, all natural ingredients and no additives.

So here’s a short guide to show everyone how Lavender Vinegar can be used for (externally)!

Featured Vinegar 1: Lavender

Love Vinegar
Lavender Vinegar
love vinegar
Lavender bits
love vinegar
Lavender Vinegar

Tiffany’s Guide: Make your own vinegar toner

1. Get a small spray bottle.
2. Pour undiluted lavender vinegar into the bottle.
3. Just it!

I have this bottle in my bag everywhere I go, sometimes when I need to freshen up, or after a particular strong garlic-ish meal, I use it as a mouth spray too! It has a very strong sour smell (duh, it’s vinegar!) So do spray it in an open area or the washroom and not on a train or enclosed air-conditioned area. I did it once, and everyone was looking at me and wonder why I was giving off a weird vinegar smell!

Safety Note: This should not intended to replace medical advice.

Featured Vinegar 1: Rose and Four herbs

Love Vinegar
Rose and Four Herbs Vinegar
Love Vinegar
Rose Buds
Love vinegar
Rose and Four Herbs

Tiffany’s Guide: How to make your own vinegar drink

1. Prepare 500ml of water
2. Pour 1 spoonful of honey into the water (Longan Honey is the honey recommended by Love Vinegar)
3. Mix 1 spoonful of vinegar (rose and four herbs in my case) into the water and mix well.
4. Taste it to see if it is too bland for your liking. Some people may prefer it light like water. If you want it like a soft drink, add another spoonful of honey and vinegar into the drink.
5. You can drink directly or transfer it into a bottle for later consumption. Put it to chill in the fridge if you like it cold. But for ladies, it’s not advisable to drink too much cold drinks!

What Other Flavours?

love vinegar
菊花枸杞 Chrysanthemum Lycium
love vinegar
杜仲 Eucommia
love vinegar
Love Vinegar (Slender) 油切醋

Does Love Vinegar Work?

Like all natural products, this is not a miracle drink. Don’t expect to have miracle effects within a cup or two. Try to include Love vinegar into your daily diet, replace it with soft drinks. Do take note NOT TO drink too much if you have gastric problem, after-all, vinegar is sour and acidic. There were feedbacks that Slender Vinegar works well if you are planning to slim down and include it in your daily diet and exercise regularly.

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love vinegar
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Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the products were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are genuine and honest.

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