Cadbury’s Most Marvellous Bloggers’ Party


The Most Marvellous Bloggers’ Party with Cadbury!

A party with free chocolates, non-stop camwhoring, and fun games plus magic show, where do you get such great fun? I got it with Cadbury, thanks to William for sending me the invite (even though he didn’t attend in the end). So here’s some photos~

Up the Joyrider!

Ok, seriously, I thought Joyrider was just a normal chartered bus they gave a name to. But when the bus stopped in front of the bus stop, you could practically see “lights” in all the bloggers’ eyes and their cameras and phones started snapping non-stop.

Cadbury Joyrider
cadbury joyrider
Lil’ Miss Fruit-Top at your service
cadbury joyrider
Lil Moo-moo and Lil Froggy saying hi!
cadbury joyrider
Let’s do an exchange!

cadbury tiffanyyong
Who says I have Big Eyes?

So when we board the Joyrider, there is something on every single seat. Different types of cute hats, headbands, glasses, all for us to camwhore! So good right? And the 3 entertaining joyrider companions (one of them look like a purple Mario- so cute la) haha… introduced the new chocolates to us!

Cadbury joyrider
Me and the fun-loving joyrider companions
Do try taking the Joyrider yourself!


With every $20 spent on Cadbury Chocolates, you can book the Joyrider for FREE for an hour? Check out the website now! Do go book in advance (and keep your receipts!) as the slots are taken up really fast!

Welcome to Joyville!

The party was held at Nassim Hill, and here’s someone who look REALLY like me welcoming everyone at the door!

cadbury joyville
Welcome to Joyville!
Where are we again?
cadbury joyville bloggers
Spot my name!
cadbury ambassadors
Cadbury Marvellous Creations blogger ambassadors: Brad Lau (, Beatrice Tan ( and Maureen Ow (
Get me the chocolates in the piñata

maureen ow
Oops, I’m standing too close!

So the 3 blogger ambassadors were asked to hit and break the piñata where there are loads of chocolates and some “purple tickets”. There was a slight commotion when the kiasu bloggers (me included!) started searching for the purple stickers.

Blind Tasting Booth

Cadbury blind tastingbooth
Can I get it right?

This was another fun corner where there we were given a chance to do a blind taste test for the chocolates, and if we get them right, we get a Cadbury Thumbdrive! It wasn’t the prize that matters, but more of the satisfaction when you manage to get the flavours right.

cadbury chocolates
9 types of chocolates
cadbury chocolate tasting
Which is which?

cadbury thumbdrive
Yea, A cadbury thumbdrive for me!

Out of these three, my favourite is the Jelly Popping Candy Beanies! Because the Popping candies continue popping even after the chocolate has melted! It’s so fun to be chewing jelly beans and then getting the popping sensation right after that!

Marvellous Creations, Marvellous Savouries or Marvellous ME?

Nice little savouries for our tummies!
sandwich savories
They are ALL Mine!
cadbury chocolates
Free Chocolates? Of course must take la!

cadbury marvelous chocolate
Oops, did you catch me taking more?

LOL. Disclaimer, I posed for these photos ok? Not real one!

cadbury chocolates
A lot a lot a lot of CHOCOLATES!

But ya, because I really took a lot liao! 😛 The 3 Marvellous Creations are already out in major supermarkets, so do go try them out!


tiffany yong white hair
Not to forget, Marvellous me!
ziwei sandy
Photo with #CNOS2 Ziwei!
Pretty Beatrice- my #CNOS2 Judge
Lady Iron Chef
Not to forget the super tall LadyIronChef aka Brad Lau

Hello Stranger Photobooth at the Most Marvellous Bloggers’ Party

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tiffanyyong signature
Event invitation from Cadbury. No monetary compensation was received for the chocolate review.

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