Bellydance Extraordinaire

Another way to tone up your body: BellyDance!

Woohoo, I always watch bellydancing performances on Taiwan variety shows and it looked pretty simple! So since I have some dance and gymnastics background, the challenge streetdirectory gave me should be no problem! So off I go to BellyDance Extraordinaire for a trial class!


Getting started

I didn’t put any makeup on since I feel that it’s really bad for skin especially when I’m already having break outs!

Loving our reflection in the mirror?

So like all classes, we start with warm up! The warm-up for Bellydancing is a little different, as we do “shaking” or “shimmering” instead of stretching! I thought it was pretty simple initially, but when the instructor request us to do the shakes and shimmers for more than 10 seconds, my brain and body connection starts going haywire!

It really requires a lot of concentration and it works your brain too (which I find pretty cool). As there were Malay girls in the class, I wasn’t allowed to take much photos, so you gotta experience it for yourself!

What’s the Right Attire for BellyDancing Class?


Proper BellyDancing Outfit

So it’s always good to wear figure hugging clothes to the class so that the instructors can see clearly whether you are doing the moves correctly! As for the scarf, it’s optional, but having it always make you more confident!

No Guys Allowed?

Guys, join in too! There are also guys learning BellyDancing (I wonder do they get pecs easier if they learn BellyDance?)

Besides BellyDance, this school also provide Hip-Hop and Kpop classes. So do check out their website for more details!

Want Everything?

If you want to learn everything, they do provide membership where you get to go for 6 different classes: namely Bellydance Wellness, Bellydance Fitness, Modern Dance & Ballet, Jazz Dance, Kpop and Hip Hop Dance by Tony

Membership fees:
1 mth membership – $240 for 1st mth trial
3 mths membership – $700 (save up to $200)
6 mths membership – $1300 (save up to $500)
Beside this, Member also entitle to 10% discount for others Bellydance Choreo class which teaching by our most experienced instructor Jamila and Miya.

Do You Know?

Bellydancing can help tone the body and improve body confidence. Its physiological benefits include improved fitness, better circulation, suppleness and correction of postural alignment. On a body confidence level, many women feel they have regained their ‘feminine self’ and become more comfortable with their bodies through bellydancing.

Here are some physiological benefits of bellydancing:
*Improved circulation *Improved suppleness *Increased joint flexibility *Deeper breathing, better oxygenation of blood *Relaxing and calming, reduces stress *Possible aerobic exercise workout – burns fat, raises metabolism and improves resting heart rate *Tones all major muscle groups – legs, thighs, calves, gluteals, abdominals, upper arms, back *Reduces cellulite *Eases PMT symptoms *Prepares major muscle groups for pregnant women to assist the birthing process
Information credit to

Join BellyDance Extraordinaire!

Where is Bellydance Extraordinaire?

It is located 90B Tanjong Pagar Road, (S)088511, Tel: 9017 7507
Do call them to check out what is the latest schedule as they are all subjected to change!
For more information, check out their website:

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Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though it was a free trial class, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are genuine and honest.

2 thoughts on “Bellydance Extraordinaire”

  1. Dear Tiffany, I am interested in picking up belly dancing again after a few years of being away from it. There seem to be many belly dance schools in Singapore. Would you recommend Bellydance Extraordinaire?

    1. Hi Jasmin, yes, there are quite a few schools in Singapore. Since you have some basic foundation, why don’t you try going for some trial classes as warm up before choosing the correct school for that? This review was written nearly 2 years ago, so I do not want to provide you any backdated information! Besides the cost, I think proximity is pretty important as you will need to go for the lessons very often, so do go to the school that is close to your home or work place!

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