Man Experience Pain of Childbirth

P.S. My dearest lappy has broken down on me (I think he’s angry with me for saying I want a new laptop on my SAYS post), so I could not blog about many of the events I went to! But here’s something interesting I read about… men experiencing the pain of childbirth…

Dutch Host Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno Experience Pain of Childbirth

pain of childbirth
Dutch television hosts Dennis Storm and Valerio Zeno

So these 2 hosts wanted to experience for themselves how it feels to be giving birth. They wanted to challenge the worst pain ever. So they used electro-stimulations to simulate contractions so as to experience it for themselves DA PAIN OF CHILDBIRTH!

Propped on a bed with electrodes attached to their abdomens, Storm and Zeno last through two hours of the simulated contractions. Though they try to laugh through the strain, the men appear to be in complete misery as they double over and clutch pillows tightly.

pain of childbirth
The experience aka torture even made Zeno wondered if he should allow his wife to go through the same pain.
Torturous pain
Torturous pain

Warning: the video is not dubbed nor does it have any english subtitles.
News source:

pain of childbirth
Dr. Andrew Rochford

Similarly, Dr. Andrew Rochford went through the entire childbirth experience during a similar simulation for Australian TV show “What’s Good For You” in 2009. After more than two hours of contractions, Rochford started using some choice words, explaining that he could now “understand why women swear.”

pain of childbirth
Trying the methods women do to reduce pain, including sitting on yoga ball

I thought this was a more well-rounded video, besides the fact that it’s in English (:P) Dr Andrew also narrates the show which enable us to understand what he felt after the show.

“Men of the world, you have no idea. Leave it to the women. Forget the whole pain threshold debate. We have nothing. Women win. Men don’t. The end.” -Dr Andrew Rochford

After watching these videos, I wonder how many other guys out there are willing to try out and go through the simulation to understand how it feels. The whole video may seem interesting, but guess what, the real childbirth process is DEFINITELY not that like that. These men can even “surrender” and stop trying the pain after few hours, but for the women who had gone through the labour, do you think they can say “STOP” or “PAUSE”?

After watching these videos, I hope married guys will appreciate their wife and the pain they have to go through. So don’t keep gallivanting outside when your wife is pregnant! Imagine the amount of pain she had to go through, physically and psychologically if she found out! As for kids, your mum went through hell so that you can come to this world. So, we as children should try to be more understanding!

Of course, even I myself have yet to experience the pain. And I’m seriously considering to ask my future husband (whoever he will be) to go through the simulation. Muahahah… ok, just joking… later 没人要 [no one want to marry me]!

To all my male readers out there, are you daring enough to challenge your pain threshold? Haha… do tell me whether you dare or not!

As for ladies, I guess you must be very glad some of the guys out there are willing to experience what you went through!

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