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What’s Bellis Nail?

If you’ve been to Langkawi, Malaysia, or if you have been following the news of Jesseca, you would have most probably heard about her spa business in Langkawi. Opened just one month ago, Bellis Nail is named after one of her many spas ( Bellis Health & Beauty Spa in Langkawi)

Where’s Bellis Nail?

If you are travelling by public transport, take to Payar Lebar MRT Station and take the free shuttle bus to 112 Katong. See the timetable above. From across the street, you should be able to see the awfully chocolate sign and Bellis Nail is just 1 min walk away! (ok, 3 minutes if you are waiting for the traffic lights :P)

Route 1 – Paya Lebar MRT Interchange (Exit A, Pick-up/drop-off point along Eunos Road 8 )
Bellis Nail
How to spot Bellis Nail
Bellis Nail
Nicely decorated stairs which leads you to a ‘different’ place
Change your footwear to something homey… <3
What you see before entering
nail designs
Some interesting designs on display

bellis nail
Although Jesseca said that it’s not really a “branch” outlet, but I felt as if I had temporarily escaped from Singapore, into Malaysia, the moment I stepped into the shop. It is unlike the many pinkish nail parlours. On the right, there are 4 “beds”, and for a moment, I really thought there were massage services!

Massage service
Massage service?

But they are actually beds for customers who are doing their manicure services to lay down and rest while the manicurists work on their nails. Don’t you feel like a VIP entering those Bali resorts (or should I say Langkawi?), relaxing and getting pampered?

nail palour
Super comfortable sofa for you to take a little nap while getting your nails done

But if you are getting pedicure too, here’s the place for you. Yes, it might look like the usual nail parlour with the foot-wash basin, but sofa definitely doesn’t feel like! I usually get back aches after sitting in nail parlours for long hours (some do provide osim massage seats) but not that it helps a lot. But on Bellis’ sofa, it feels just like HOME, in fact better than my home sofa!

Bellis Nail use only OPI
Maerji Gelish
Maerji Gelish~
sweets and tea
“Happy” snacks to pamper your mouth (while your hand and legs are getting pampered)

Enough of talking about things around me, now let’s get down to enjoy!

First, My hands…

long nails
Long nails (I don’t know how to trim nicely!)

I took a picture of my nails before I got them manicured, they were pretty long, because it’s been WEEKS since I got them trimmed! Confession: I don’t really know how to trim my nails in the nice nice way, used to cut them with nail cutter and one hand will always turn out uglier than the other one.

manicure service
Starting with my hands~
Trimmed nails
After trimming…

I requested for the manicurist to trim it shorter as my nails grow pretty fast. 😛

Here comes the best part! What design?!?

Initially, I came with the notion of a VERY simple design in mind, something pink, maybe some gradient (just like this photo Bellis did for one of their customer) as I was planning to go for a BIG audition over the weekend (as a university student) and a bold design wouldn’t be really suitable.

Something I thought of having initially (photo from Bellis Nail FB Page)

BUT I changed my mind IMMEDIATELY the moment I reached their shop and saw their notice on the Chinese New Year Lucky Colours (for Chinese Zodiac)! I really need the luck for my audition, so it’s just in time!

2013 lucky colour
Here’s the lucky colour list!

As I’m born in the year of rabbit, my colours are yellow, green and blue.

Initially, what I had in mind was still the same design as the one I saw one fb, just that it’s the yellow, green or blue version (deep in my heart I still wanted the pink). But I decided to leave it to the hands of Jesseca and the experts, who got really excited when I told them I want my lucky colours for the audition.

tiffany yong nails
So guess what’s the end product?
manicure nails
Ta dah…

Ok, I have to say, I’m super impressed and I LOVE the design. Jesseca was so thoughtful (she remembered that I said I like pink) and she included PINK into the design! And it’s my favourite baby pink! I feel so lucky after looking at the end result. haha 心理作用! It’s subtle, sweet, yet stylish (look at the Swarovskis!) and most importantly, it has ALL my lucky colours!

bellis nail manicure
My nails with ALL my lucky colours

I can’t stop taking photos of my own hands la!

manicure design
for the first time, I’m in love with my own hands.

P.S. I was rather silent after seeing the end product, and for a moment they thought I didn’t really like it. I didn’t tell them, but I was SUPER impressed, so much that I want to keep looking at them. I’m not exaggerating, all the staff took turns to take photo of the “artwork” lor! Even Jesseca wants something like that once her filming is over!

Enough of hands, now on to my Foot!

Home-made rice scrub
Home-made Jasmine rice scrub

So here’s something special that you can only get in Bellis Nail. Instead of the usual sea salt scrub that you see in nail parlours, Bellis Nail uses homemade natural rice scrub (Bellis Nail uses Jasmine Rice Scrub and Rose Rice Scrub). It scrub of your dead skin cells gently and moisturizes instead of drying your skin (like sea salt). These scrubs are also used in the spas back in Langkawi. They do not contain any preservatives, which means the scrubs have to be kept in the fridge and be used within 10 days. Jesseca has actually tried out various scrubs and find that these 2 scrubs give the best moisturizing effect. (Now you know where she gets her good skin from!)

foot pedicure
My ugly toe nails before the trim….
nail trimming
Trim trim…

Before I get to raving about my toenail colours, I want to share about how I felt after using the scrub. After all, that’s their signature product! The scrub doesn’t feel as harsh as sea salt, and I don’t feel as if they are trying to “scrap” my skin off. Ladies who did sea salt scrubs before should understand how it feel. In fact, if I was napping, I wouldn’t have woken up when they did the leg scrub and massage!

foot gelish
Gelish on my footie
Tiffany yong pedicure
Guess what colour is it?
pedicure design
My pampered foot >.<

It’s my lucky colour! Blue! But know what, you might not be able to see from the camera, the nails actually look slightly greenish (marine-blue-green) under the lights. So it’s like having both green and blue in my toenails!

Can’t stop looking at my own foot!
manicure and pedicure design
So NICE la!

Some eye-candies for my readers

jesseca liu
Pretty Jesseca getting her nails done too (she look so pretty even without makeup!)

jesseca liu

UV for gelish

Discounts Discounts (FOR EVERYONE)!

You can now get your lucky Chinese New Year colour at Bellis Nail too! All you have to do is to like Bellis Nail Facebook Page ( and call them at 6348 9096 to for appointment!
Pssst… If Bellis Nail get more than 1000 likes before end of January, they might be doing a cool giveaway!

For Bloggers ONLY

If you want to experience for yourself the “Bellis” treatment, now is the best time! I will be choosing 1 blogger to experience Bellis’ manicure (and get the bed!) and 1 blogger to experience the Pedicure (and try the home-made scrub!). All you have to do is to complete the following steps:
1) “Like Bellis Nail Facebook Page (
a) THE MANICURE: RT me on this Tweet by tweeting this “RT @tiffanyyongwt I want to experience the Bellis Manicure! Know more at!”
b) THE PEDICURE: RT me on this Tweet by tweeting this “RT @tiffanyyongwt I want to experience the Bellis Pedicure! Know more at!”
3) After RT-ing me, comment below with your blog url with the link of the nail design you like best on Bellis Nail Facebook Page. Providing a reason will be great! I will announce the 2 bloggers’ names on the last day of January 2013.

Last but not least

I simply have to try the bed NEXT TIME!

jesseca liu
Come experience the Bellis treatment for yourself!

tiffanyyong signature

Disclaimer: Please be rest assured that even though the services were sponsored, it does not have any bearing on the content of this post. Opinions stated are genuine and honest.

21 thoughts on “Bellis Nail – Feel like you are in Langkawi”

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  2. Haloha!

    I have tweet for Pedicure.

    Here’s my bloglink:

    Here’s the design I have chosen:

    I chose Spongebob because I like the character for it’s always giggling, cracking jokes and brought joy & laughter to kids. I have 5 nephews and nieces and hopes to paint a smile on their faces in the coming CNY! 🙂

    warmest regards

  3. Hi ! Another Tiffany. hehes

    I love this design !

    Because this design is the most simple yet most outstanding one. It could bring out the designs, and it is rather unique to have the manicure half painted. So really feel like getting it before CNY and i realllllly hope to have the honor to post entries for bellisnail and for you my dear 🙂


  4. Hello!

    Design chosen:
    I really liked the design that you did at Bellis. I think the colors are really well chosen because I love pastel colors, not too striking but pretty especially when different colors are used!

    I haven’t been doing manicure/pedicure since my 21st birthday last year already. I think it should be time that I start to pamper my nails a little bit. Hope I’ll be able to get coated with pretty colors like you did at Bellis too!

    Cheers! (:

  5. Hi Tiffany,

    The nail design that I like the best is the 2 tone gelish art:

    It has a very simple and princess-like feeling which I would hope to share with my readers in my blog about it. In addition, this colour really suits the upcoming CNY festival as well. A very easy colour to go with any outfits.

    Rui Ying
    Blog Url:

  6. Liked “Bellis” FB and RT-ed accordingly {pedicure}.

    & im in love with this design!/photo.php?fbid=444520915603916&set=a.435245143198160.102497.434051213317553&type=3&theater

    im a purple lover! and i really adore gellish mani/pedicure. Coupled with bits and pieces of crystals will make a person feel & look really princess-sy! Most importantly, I wish to have the honor to feature #BellisNail and #Tiffanyyong in my humble blog entries!

    Happy CNY in advance!

    warm regards,

  7. Hello Tiffany!

    If you would ask me, I really like most of the designs. The very first design I will choose is the cat design!

    That’s cos I really lovee cats. I do manicure myself but it’ll be way too hard for me to draw pictures of cats on it. I really cannot imagine how happy I will be if I were given this opportunity to do my cat nails at Bellis nail, and have the chance to flaunt it to my cousins during chinese new year! I think they will love it!!

    Second one it his! I thought this was cute!

    Quirky and cute, I think my girlfriends will definitely go rara over this nail design. I like pastel colours, so if rainbow pastel colours are used, it might reveal an ever better design!

    But I’ll still prefer the cat design. Reason being, it’s too hard to do it myself, I need a professional to do this for me, badly 🙁 And i’ll be dead happy to see cats everyday on my nails ^_^

    Take care!
    Hui Yan

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