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Moving Art Beats 彤心絮语 Synopsis

*The name of the show is changed to Art Beats 彤心絮语. The Show will debut on Sunday, 3rd February 2013 at 10.35PM. The episode I’m in will air on 10th March 2013

Art Beats is a Channel 8 docu-drama showing how people survive and stay strong against odds. This episode is about a girl who was injured in a fire stood up again with the help of her beloved childhood lover and her friend. I had a non-speaking role in the show and was one of the patient who took part in the clay-modelling class together with the main lead.

art beats
Outlook of the day: So low cut! *shy*
art beats
Injury bandage
As a patient, all I need to do is to lie down and sleep
My New bf!

These dummy may look fun to play with, but, they are as heavy as me! It really remind me of the Absolute Boyfriend show by Jiro Wang… <3 There is a lot of 学问 in filming, you may think that the actors are “suffering” at work, but the crew behind-the-scenes, they are like superman. They need to prepare before the actors are here and can’t leave when the actors are done. They need to make sure every scene is filmed and make sure the director don’t go overtime. A lot of organisation and disciplined needed!

绝对男友!<3[/caption] [caption width="480" align="aligncenter"]hospital Waiting is part of filming…

The place look a lot like a hospital right? Haha… it’s actually the nursing school! We are all waiting for our turn 🙂

Rio chan
The main lead and her childhood lover
The main lead finally revealed! I saw her true face only on the last day of the filming!
Adeline Lim
Adeline Lim and me~
adeline lim art beats
Let me try…
art beats filming
Missy checking on patient

zhang qing liang
It’s a wrap! Bye Director!

It was an interesting experience working with a small team and see people film in a “hospital”

More photos here! 🙂 Do check them out!

For more information about the production company, check out the website here!
For more information about Adeline, check out her blog here!
Hope you guys enjoy reading this post 🙂

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