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domino's pizza
Linda Hassan, Marketing manager demonstrating the iphone app usage

One Good + BIG reason you NEED to get this app

Pizza-lovers should definitely go get this Domino’s Pizza iPhone app! Why? Because you get free side-dishes when you order using the app! It delivers to anywhere in Singapore, up to 7 days in advance!

Tip 1: If you are planning to get your meal at any of Domino’s outlet, you can order via the app too (to get the free side-dish of course!)
Am I sure! Duh! That’s what Linda did. She demonstrated the speed of the ordering via the iphone app and show how the app uses the gps tracker (like how we track taxi!) to track where exactly our pizza is.

domino's pizza
Delivery to the “door-step”

Tip 2:Advance booking! Just like how you buy stuff for your BBQ, the Domino Pizza app also allow you to do advance reservation (up to 7 days) and they will give you an order confirmation call! Great service huh?

domino's pizza
Easy to use app
Which Pizza?
domino's pizza
Where’s my Pizza now?
Type of Pizza
domino's pizza
Yummy Side-orders!


You may wonder how this tracking works… this is because of Domino’s belt driven pizza oven! So when a pizza is baked, it is place on this belt which takes exactly 16min to move from one end to another… and every time the pizza reaches a certain stage, it will hit a button that alert the system real time. This is how your track your pizza! 🙂 Cool right?

domino's pizza
Super cool GPS Tracker!

So Pizza-lovers, whatcha waiting for? Go download your app by clicking on the button below now!

domino's pizza

Happy reading!

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