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The SSUE Experience | By

Sichuan Experience

This SSUE trip is my first time going on long distance trip myself, and I guess the most memorable part of the whole trip, besides the friendship and exchange (中新交流), will be the performances we have to prepare over there, after all, heading the performance team has to be prepared to do the performance

Our brainstorming went from dances (KPOP) to funny dances to songs that represent the four races in Singapore to the legendary Matchmaking variety show.

In the first leg at Sichuan, I had to be the female contestant choosing the male contestants. The really fun part was working out the script- what everyone is going to do and say during the preparation.

I was really panicking when the songs chosen and the dance I came up with was rejected like the night before the performance. On the day of the performance, I was SUPER nervous. But it’s like 我豁出去了!I really enjoyed the hospitality extended by the Sichuan students, and I really really wanted to do something for them.

The male contestants from NUS making their choices
情歌王子 Wee Shian touching every female audiences’ hearts with his song
Prelude: Mambo King with all the girls
Mambo King with his fans
美国人’s sweet script…
Super pretty熊妈妈
Errrr….who should I choose?
My final choice… China-version of Rain
The end!

Click here to know more about the Sino-Singapore University Exchange Programme 🙂


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