Start Up! 《创!》Private Screening Event

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Start Up! 《创!》Private Event

Channel U invited some fans and bloggers to a private event held in Onaka Restaurant at Alexandra Retail Centre. It was for the upcoming drama 《创!》 “START UP!”.

start up!

Ben Yeo, host for the event

start up

Singer of the theme song: Tay Ke Wei

First, we were introduced to Tay Ke Wei (郑可为), a local singer who sang the theme song. She performed the drama’s theme song ‘STARTING NOW’ LIVE for the very first time too. Her voice was low, and calming and the lyrics really touches one’s heart. To find out more about her, do visit her website

start up!

Mr Philip Lim, director of Start Up!

The drama was directed by Mr. Philip Lim, founder of Woosh Pictures Productions – who is also known for his direction in the highly acclaimed Channel 5 TV series, THE PUPIL. 《创!》 “START UP!” was his very first Chinese drama, or should I say first “Chinese baby”. Haha… I could feel his passion (and some nervous-ness?) showing off his baby to the audience.

start up

Interview with the main cast: Rebecca Lim, Kate Pang and Zhang Zhen Huan

This drama features actors including Tay Ping Hui, Rebecca Lim, Zhang Zhen Huan, Kate Pang, Adeline Lim, Zhu Houren and Xiang Yun.

创! Start Up! is a story set on the premises of entrepreneurship and tech start-up companies. It charts the journey of a budding entrepreneur, Yin Xuan (Rebecca Lim), who fights to succeed despite disapproval from her family. She works alongside Qi Cai (Tay Ping Hui), who goes all out to assist her in her business start-up. With sudden implications of an accident that happened 12 years ago, will Yin Xuan succeed or lose her love ones to the emotional battle?

Celebrities in action!

Rebecca, Kate and Zhang Zhen Huan came to meet and play some games with the fans.

start up

Kate Pang sliding a bowl across the table

start up

Rebecca’s turn

Refreshments from Onaka Restaurant at Alexandra Retail Centre

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Some Behind the scenes

start up

Doing commercial recording for Start Up!

Thoughts after watching the trailer

I was a little disappointed as we were shown the trailer instead of the first episode, but it was really clever, because we were all quite hooked to the excited scenes after watching. There were a lot of questions in my mind (which means I have to watch the show to know the plot too la!) Haha… As it’s the first time Kate is paired up with Zhang Zhen Huan and Rebecca with Tay Ping Hui, it is actually quite interesting to see the types of sparks going off within them!

start up

Ok, I’m just trying to copy their expression 😛

start up

Zhang Zhen Huan is like sooooo… tall. I’m on heels liao leh!

start up

That’s Ben Yeo! I think it’s my first time seeing him in person~

start up

New cast for Start Up 2!
Calvin Timothy, Carman, Tiffany and Apple

start up!

Say hi to Calvin!

The decor outside are so fun!

The decor outside are so fun!

start up

Want corn or steak?

Channel U will be launching a 13-episode drama, 《创!》 “Start Up!” on 28th March 2013, 8pm on Channel U.
Missed an episode? Just catch them here!

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Event invitation from Channel U. No monetary compensation was received for the review.

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On March 24, 2013

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