SAYS CNY Giveaway: $5000 AngPao (I also want!)

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I love Chinese New Year MORE THAN Christmas for a REASON! $.$



SAYS is giving away a total of $10,000 angpaos in cash DAILY for 30 days! (read about the CNY Giveaway here) And the biggest angpao is $5000! SAYS users who join will be given a lucky ticket for every daily Special they share that receives a minimum of 1 unique visit. The more people click and visit, the more tickets a user gets, the higher the chances they have to win the angpaos.

What’s SAYS?

*Note: SAYS ( is Singapore’s social news network, featuring Singapore’s must-share stories, links, videos and advertising campaigns (Specials) that are broadcasted by our community of local social media users (which is like every single one of us).

P.S I already joined and my lucky ticket today is #3166! Let’s hope I get the BIG AngPao!

Top 5 Things I Would Do With S$5000 (if I win them… I’m dreaming already…)

money money money

money money money

Before looking at my top 5 lists, I want to confess that I actually went OUT of budget! I was stuck initially with what to do with $5000 (it’s a lot) but then as my brain started tuning to my secret-birthday-cum-2013-New Year wishlist, I ended searching on how much each and everything cost. This is really BAD (or good actually) because it showed me how much I want the $5000 angpao. SAYS, Please give the BIG AngPao to me!!

#1. Camera


Estimated Cost: SGD$700++

I’ve been lamenting about wanting to get a camera (like for-ever). But being a freelancer now, I don’t think mummy will be happy if I bring home one suddenly. It will be like a big hole in my savings. I know a DSLR doesn’t cost this cheap, but I’m planning to get a second hand or a good Semi-Pro. It’s like so necessary for my blogging events, and I can stop borrowing from my poor kind friends (Phil, Ma and Kyo). If not, any camera sponsors out there looking at this post, DO look for me! haha

#2. Family Reunion Dinner


Estimated Cost: SGD$200+

We have been wanting to bring my dad and mum to some atas restaurant (be it buffet or high class dining) for a BIG TREAT but they are always saying how we should not waste money. But if I get this BIG angpao, they won’t have any excuse anymore!

#3. iPhone 5


Estimated Cost: SGD$$430

I need this iPhone 5 so that my mummy can have my iPhone 4. She’s been eyeing on it for the longest time but I’ve also yet to get it even though my contract has ended last year because I’m trying not to spend un-necessarily too. (I very guai right? :P)

#4. Macbook Pro

Estimated Cost: SGD$3000++

Estimated Cost: SGD$3000++

My dearest HP laptop has been my best faithful partner for the past 3 years and I am starting to fear for its health. There were sudden lags recently, and my recently vlogging and blogging venture seems to have taken a toll on its heath. I need a laptop to support my heavy video editing and Macbook seems to be the best choice (so much for avoiding it for the past 7 years)

#5. Save it up


What ever that’s left 🙁

This was initially the #1 thing I would do. SAVE for a rainy day! But I guess CNY is a time we should give ourselves a treat (If I really win la). I would save whatever that’s left (not much I guess) and use it in future! So what are you waiting for? I’m already going crazy with the thought of the many things I can get with the Big AngPao! Go sign up on SAYS and get your lucky tickets now (!

*Tip* The earlier you sign up on SAYS Singapore and join the CNY Giveaway, the higher the chance of winning (as there will be more opportunities for tickets)

There are winners every day! Winners to be announced at 3pm daily via Google Hangout. ‘Like’ the SAYS Singapore FB page ( to watch the SAYS team selecting the winners LIVE!

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*Disclosure: This is an advertorial for SAYS- A cool platform for everyone to share news!

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