My beloved Lollytalk boyfriend!

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Introducing my Lollytalk boyfriend | by

Introducing Rocky! MY New BF!

Introducing Rocky! MY New BF!

Big eyes, golden hair, big head, (a bit too short though), very very (extremely) quiet… he’s Rocky from Candy Island. It’s love at first sight for me… I’m attracted to guys with BIG mesmerizing eyes. Lol.

He will be starting his work at Lollytalk @ 68 Orchard Road, Plaza Singapura B2-20 starting from 4th January (Friday). Do support him at Plaza Singapura! For more info, do visit Lollytalk’s FB Page!

Mua mua... love you

Mua mua… love you

The founders of the shop are apprentices of Ross & Judy who won the Grand Champion Rock Candy, and several awards at the 2009 Royal Melbourne Fine Food Awards, in recognition of outstanding producers in the Australian fine food industry, including all its major candy and dessert makers.


See how popular he is! The moment he appear, everyone wanna take a photo with him!

And he make guys jealous of him too! But luckily, not everyone can take pictures with him in such close proximity as me! :p ney ney po po

P.S. One of the girls is Noelle, and here’s her review on Lollytalk!

Who’s my ex?

As for those who are interested to know my ex, here he is 🙂

funny kiss

new old bf!

Haha, I met him during my filming for Moving Beats~ We broke up because there was no effort in maintaining contact… 😛

Happy Receivers of Lollytalk

Thanks to all the friends for supporting the brand. May the sweetness be spread to your friends and families…







More photos coming up!
For winners who have yet to collect from me, do email me fast so that you can start the new year sweet!

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On January 1, 2013

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